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    Multiple swarms

    Dare I say it, but I think summer is finally on it's way not worthy Anyway, I thought that I would combine this thread with some pictures and also try and get some advise in relation to a swarm problem I keep on having. I've got a couple of hives and one hive has now swarmed, within the space...
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    No interest in honey super

    I picked up a swarm a couple of months ago, all (appears) has been going okay, the frames in the brood box have all been drawn out and the queen has been busy laying. About ten days ago a super was added and when I looked in on Sunday no comb had been drawn and there was only a handfull of...
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    Swarm removal from chimneys

    Just curious to know what you do when you get asked to remove a swarm from a chimney. Do you recommend calling pest control ?
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    Swarm collection gone wrong ?

    Last Monday I collected my first swarm, brought it back home and all appears to be going well albeit I havent had a look at the frames yet. Anyway, this afternoon I got a call from the person where I picked the swarm up from saying that about 12 inches away from the first swarm another swarm...
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    A few questions from a novice

    I have been reading up on this subject for quite a while as well as going to local events to try to get some hands on experience. Everything to date has gone ok but that was until this morning when I was asked if I could assist in collecting a swarm. So off I went early this morning and probably...
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    Nuc Wanted - Nr Hastings, East Sussex

    Please pm if you are able to supply nuc for WBC hive. Just outside Hastings, East Sussex. Thanks.