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  1. Dave

    What to do with wax

    Hi Other than a solar extractor, any ways of cleaning sticky wax (I.E, capping honey contaminated) quickly? We have loads of it, and about 200 frames to be cut out, old drawn comb, so got loads more to be done, I think we will be close to two dustbins full. I can't face washing a bowl of it 5...
  2. Dave

    Old stuff

    Hi Well I will try to keep this short as I have been known to ramble on in the past! hehe I have a keen interest in Traction engines, rollers, road locos, anything Steam, and mainly driven on the road/Field. Trains don't do it so much as you are confined to set routes, then again, it is...
  3. Dave

    Hi I am a fresh member!

    Hi I am a new member here, have come across from the BBKA forum as it is being so poorly run, it is turning into a cliquey club. I am hoping this forums powers at be will be a little more friendly? Between me and my dad we have about 20 hives, at 2 sites. I can supply pictures if you would...