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    Feral colony

    Noticed a very active feral colony in the soffet of the ladies WC next to the LimeKilns Café on the A5 nr Llangollen today. The soffet is very rotten providing quite a big entrance. Don't know if they can be rescued.?
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    OA Treatment

    Hello I made some OA up yesterday with the intention of treating today as this is the first time my bees have been anything like inactive. But having read a few threads I don't know if I should do it now, because of them losing heat. I know its late for OA but as I say they've been so active...
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    Sad Loss!

    I feel sick! Listened to our "main" hive which we have had for 3 years today and nothing......all dead. Classic starvation symptoms but there was still 25lbs of honey in a super above their heads and 2 kg of fondant above that just in case. There seemed to be 2 centres to the cluster quite a...