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    Where did Summer go?

    Do you think it's all over? There are miles of beautiful, purple heather between Bingley and Ilkley and the bees can't get up there because of the cold/wind/rain. What a pain! Steve
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    Did they accept a virgin queen?

    Months ago I split a colony. The queenless bees above the Snelgrove board steadfastly refused to raise a new queen. I gave them eggs from downstairs and they raised them as workers. Eventually I reunited top and bottom using newspaper (Yorkshire Post) and they fought like Samurai. Next day there...
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    Is it too late to split?

    Hello, What do people think about splitting a colony in West Yorkshire at this time of year? Is it too late? I've noticed a lot of forlorn drones wandering around outside the hives, so I'm thinking it may be all over for this year. All advice will be greatly appreciated. Steve
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    Do Snelgrove Boards discourage queen rearing?

    I used Snelgrove boards for the first time this year to split three colonies. They didn't swarm, but the bees upstairs have been reluctant to produce new queens. When their initial lack of action got to the stage where all their brood was sealed, I gave them all a frame with eggs from...
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    Does any one know what this is please?

    Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere. This hive is on ebay. Does anyone know what the design is, please? Steve
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    Ho to prevent heather honey from fermenting.

    Living near the heather moor is a mixed blessing. In late Summer and Autumn (weather permitting) the supers fill up with mainly heather honey which means that next Spring I have no drawn supers to put on. The other problem is that it tends to ferment in the jar, which is unpleasant. Does anybody...
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    Any cheap sugar?

    Seems to be a lot of splitting and general crap weather feeding going on. Anybody found any sugar deals?
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    Vectis Apiculture - still going?

    I've emailed them twice with no response and there's no phone number on their website. Does anybody know anything please? Steve
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    Hindsight is a wonderful thing

    Panicked a bit about food supplies this morning so I put some fondant on top of the crown board. Hive was uncovered for about 30 seconds. Then the sun came out. I suppose to the bees food+sunshine meant that Spring was here. Shortly afterwards I saw the birds feeding happily on the snow around...
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    T'best bees to mek unny oop North.

    The most prolific bees I ever had came from a swarm that I collected from the middle of a very dodgy council estate in Bradford. When I got there, there was a cordon of police officers across the road to stop the local kids from throwing stones at it. I'm sure these bees had been affected by...
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    What do the bees do with Apiguard?

    Do they actually eat it or do they munch it from the tray, take it down through the hive and chuck it out of the entrance? Steve J.
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    What do bees do at night?

    Can't find the answer to this anywhere? Anybody know? Steve
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    Fumidil B - Rare as rocking horse muck

    Nobody has any until mid/late September at the earliest, which could be too late if the weather turns cold. I'm squirting the bees with Vitafeed Gold which purports to be almost as good as Fumidil B at Nosema control. Does anybody have any experience of Vitafeed Gold and it's efficacy, please...
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    Hornets on Film

    I saw this by accident today and thought somebody on the forum might be interested. Fast forward to 17 mins 40 secs for the hornet bit. It's not for the squeamish, though. Steve