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    Is there any one on the forum from the Island of Jersey, if so do you have the black bees or do you import from France or breed your own, do you have trouble with varoa or EFB, are you members of the BBKA.? John :cheers2:
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    Hi is any one else having problems connecting to links on the forum. John
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    World Extractor

    Hi has anyone used or seen the radial world extractor from Swienty, I have seen the picture on there web page, and looks a good idea, easy to store, cost is not bad but could be cheaper, could be ordered and collected from Stoneley to save on postage. John :)
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    Hi just a thought on varoa, the 2009 season, my hives raised a normal amount of drone and the varoa count was not good, treated with apiguard and OA. In the spring deformed wing's, sqits, varoa count not good, started treatment of hive clean once a week, the hives raised a very small amount of...
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    almond tree

    Hi we are planting fruit tree's at are club apiary and would like some almond tree's, to keep cost's down try and grow some from nuts, has any one out there got any fresh almond's please?. Regards John :cheers2:
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    Glass crown boards

    This is more of a question to find other peoples thoughts on glass or ply crown boards. The reason I use glass is you just lift the roof and insulation of and you can see the girls with out disturbing there daily tasks, when the apiguard was on you can see if its all gone a piece of...
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    supers for winter feed

    If you put supers on for winter feed, how do you do it ?. Remove QE, after varoa treatment, replace crown board with out vent covers place supers on top with another quilt/or crown board on top vents covered, when cleaned or empty remove and store in dry cold...