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  1. luckydunny

    Price for Beeswax

    Hi I have made a small quantity of Beeswax polish -with real turpentine and put into 100ml tins. The contents weigh 35 grams each tin.:) I did not add any other type of wax or ingredients. Question:- What do forum members charge for Beeswax polish sales? Thanks in advance for any replies...
  2. luckydunny

    Wet Supers

    First year and honey from two of my hives. Extarcted 61lbs and am over moon!!!:cheers2: Have put wet supers back above crown board for bees to clean. Am keen to get Apivar on but do not want to contaminate next years honey supers. I guess the answer to the question how long to leave before...
  3. luckydunny

    Double Brood

    My first year and need wintering advice please... I have a very strong colony on a National Brood box and have just taken 3 supers off. I really want to go to double brood on this hive but have no drawn foundation available. An association member said to put a one super back under Brood box...
  4. luckydunny

    Double Brood versus Brood and Half

    :confused::confused::confused: Would welcome views and some informative advice as not sure how to plan ahead on choice of brood chamber :bigear:. Have read this forum for 6 months plus and always been nervous of how some posts are answered but would really welcome some friendly views, whilst...