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    Gloves or no gloves?

    Just watched that You Tube video :eek:
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    Gloves or no gloves?

    I've always worn gloves and after last year, I will continue to wear leather gauntlets. Last year, I was going through the hives when I got stung on the back of the hand between the thumb and forefinger. I managed to pull the sting out and then went to work. One hour later, with pain mounting...
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    Multiple swarms

    Dare I say it, but I think summer is finally on it's way not worthy Anyway, I thought that I would combine this thread with some pictures and also try and get some advise in relation to a swarm problem I keep on having. I've got a couple of hives and one hive has now swarmed, within the space...
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    National Organisation for England

    English Beekeeping Association
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    Advice on advice

    Good idea in principal Admin.....but seeing this is a smaller and friendlier forum than others (from what I have heard) then I am not sure this would be absoloutely necessary. Hope you can work this contradiction out !
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    Please stop sending me swarms bee neighbour!

    Good luck finding it..... :)
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    Honey Processing simplified.

    Your set up in general - anything PH.
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    Honey Processing simplified.

    Looks great. Just out of interest, do you have any more pictures of your set up that you could put in another post ?
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    No interest in honey super

    Thanks for all the replies. I read on here somewhere that the qx can be left off which I did for about four days before putting it back on. The super was fairly full of bees but when the qx was put on they all decided it was better down under. :confused: Only on the inside of both frames...
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    No interest in honey super

    I picked up a swarm a couple of months ago, all (appears) has been going okay, the frames in the brood box have all been drawn out and the queen has been busy laying. About ten days ago a super was added and when I looked in on Sunday no comb had been drawn and there was only a handfull of...
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    Nitrile gloves

    :boxing_smiley: and they still nip through the nitrile ones.....
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    Another BeeCam

    Both work down here. The www one gives both inside and outside shots.
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    Look at the size of this snake

    Made me jump !
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    Diseases and Pests

    Picture paints a thousand words. Good one :cheers2:
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    Kirklees Council Allotments and the Honey Bee!

    I was going to say that I am amazed by this post when i reality I am not, what a complete waste of time this is. The worst thing about all this is, is that we, the taxpayer are paying these council bods x amount per year to drive about, in my opinion looking for trouble in menial matters like...
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    When to stop feeding

    How many times, or just the once ?
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    Nitrile gloves

    If you are after a cheaper glove there is an alternative which is a latex glove, not as strong but you pay your money and take your choice although am not sure how sting prrof they are. Starting to think that for those of us who use gloves to handle bees this type of glove is better than the...
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    Out Front

    Glad I am not the only one, mine were all hanging around outside last night as well. Had a peek inside today and have added another super on.
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    Swarm removal from chimneys

    Thanks Pete, did make me smile seeing this :D:D:D:D Case of winning the battle but loosing the war.
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    Swarm removal from chimneys

    Just curious to know what you do when you get asked to remove a swarm from a chimney. Do you recommend calling pest control ?