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  1. pstafford

    Good timing

    Managed to leave work early to get a good look at my bees yesterday. Hive one is my older queen and no QCs but plenty of stores. Hive two I found was not far off swarming as it had two very large capped Queen Cells and was also down on stores compared to the other hive. Very happy I had the...
  2. pstafford

    Drone Cells ?

    I was expecting drone celle there and there is no foundation, they make their own mess there. To cull the drone you just cut out the wax and dispose - easy. The only thing I thought odd was how far these three cells were capped away from the comb itself. It may not be clear in the pics, but...
  3. pstafford

    Drone Cells ?

    Quite right, it is a drone frame. As you can see they have build drone comb in the area I was going to cull, however after seeing these large cells I have left them as is. P
  4. pstafford

    Drone Cells ?

    I saw these three large cells: Would you say these were just very large odd Drone Cells ? Paul
  5. pstafford

    How are you getting on this year ? How are your carnolian bees now ?

    How are you getting on this year ? How are your carnolian bees now ?
  6. pstafford

    How long can you leave honey in the frames ?

    I removed 2 supers on Sunday and set them inside the house awaiting a borrowed honey extractor. At 4pm I was getting a little concerned as no extractor had arrived as promised and later found out that it had been damaged that morning and was awaiting a spare part due to arrive this week. My...
  7. pstafford

    New Queen

    It was a blob of yellow paint. If she has lost it, that explains why I had not seen her until the weekend as I was looking for a big yellow splodge before.
  8. pstafford

    New Queen

    So, I am a newbie beek for 2010. As you can imagine I am doing it all by the book and taking my time making sure I have checked for eggs each time I open the hive. For over a month I have not seen the marked queen, but have always seen eggs. This weekend I open the hive, note more eggs and...
  9. pstafford

    Two evil bees...

    I have a hive in the garden and am fortunate to have very docile bees apart from two. If you get close to the hive they buzz right around your head non-stop. If you walk away they follow. To prove a point, I walked up to the hive and then walked off with these two dive bombing my veil and...
  10. pstafford

    Afternoon, Apologies for the delay, I hardly notice the message waiting indicator on this forum...

    Afternoon, Apologies for the delay, I hardly notice the message waiting indicator on this forum ! I collected a nuc from Thornes Windsor which was ordered almost a year ago for delivery around now. To cut a long story short, I inherited an unused hive from my parents as their neighbours did...
  11. pstafford

    Guardian article

    This may also be a good article:
  12. pstafford

    Guardian article

    BBSRC Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council DEFRA Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs NERC Natural Environment Research Council Scottish Government
  13. pstafford

    Guardian article

    I saw it on the BBC news webpage this morning too:
  14. pstafford

    Set your watch

    I still like the idea of them nipping out for a quick smoke in the afternoon before returning to work. I will tell friends that is what they do if asked ;-)
  15. pstafford

    Set your watch

    Everyday around 4pm, I get a small cluster of bees come outside for a look-see ! They are addictive to sit and watch :)
  16. pstafford

    Common courtesy please

    I like that idea ! Personally that will be my new home for a while whilst I ask the daft questions ;-)
  17. pstafford

    Cluster of bees under hive

    I did have a good look-see at my 'gound bees' and if you try to pick one up - they fly off ! I think they just like to walk once in a while :) Interesting about the OMF as I have that and it might be worth sliding in the inspection plate and brushing the cluster off in to a cup and placing...
  18. pstafford

    Cluster of bees under hive

    I have the same, but Queen inside and I do have a landing board. Maybe they just like it there! I also notice about ten bees walking around on the floor. As this is in my garden I have to watch where I am walking so as not to squash any 'gound bees'.
  19. pstafford


    Quick update as promised. Feeder removed, first inspection: Stores of syrup as expected but my goodness have they been busy. Lots of drawn comb and saw eggs and brood. Was really quite reassuring. Couple of play cups for good measure. They seemed very docile too which was reassuring to a...