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  1. PlanB

    Hive with colony wanted

    Hi VEG, I figured since they are settling down now, they'd be easy to move. If I set them in the garden then it'll be relatively easy to feed them through the winter etc. Then I can move them to a good site as soon as spring kicks in... If this a crazy idea, then please say... What will be the...
  2. PlanB

    Hive with colony wanted

    Looking for an occupied hive to buy. Ideally near leicester. I know its the wrong time of year :eek:, but happy to feed through the winter, to be ready for next yearbee-smillie. Please PM with any offers...
  3. PlanB

    Full Colonies for sale

    Hi Splash, have your colonies gone?...
  4. PlanB

    winter nuc's for sale

    Hi JB, are your winter nucs still available? please pm me....
  5. PlanB

    HELP - My email account keeps sending junk

    the free AVG has always done me well.. also Spybot is good
  6. PlanB

    Global Warming?

  7. PlanB

    Olympic Torch

  8. PlanB

    Beliefs of Forum Members...

  9. PlanB

    Very 'cheap' loft insulation

    Thanks for the tip...
  10. PlanB

    Ban Smoking in Cars

    Smoking on your own in cars is okay, but i often see peole smoking with kids in the car too...
  11. PlanB

    Beekeeping Gloves

    Latex from the lab!
  12. PlanB

    Beekeeper Start Age Poll

    This year :-) age 31
  13. PlanB

    spare equipment

    How much though? I'm new to bk, how much spare do you need? just the more the meerrier? :willy_nilly: