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  1. nonstandard

    Ventilated suits

    Has anyone any experience with ventilated suits? Mrs B tends to get too hot in her cotton Sherriff suit. It looks like there are two types of ventilated suits available from the USA and now M'more offers one; before we invest any comments or advice would be welcome. Jim
  2. nonstandard

    Doing the maths

    I have been offered Ambrosia liquid feed at £1.25 /kg to save me doing the maths and probably getting it wrong can anyone tell me how much dissolved sugar at 2:1 is in a kilo of winter feed
  3. nonstandard

    Nuc style obs hive plans?

    Does anyone by any chance have a set of plans for an observation hive? I'm looking for the type that you can run as a nuc and just put up the frame with the queen on when required. Similar to the photo
  4. nonstandard

    Beekeeping without a queen excluder?

    There seems to be a lot of talk about beekeeping without using a queen excluder on the forum at the moment; would any those who have tried it or who are currently using this method be prepared to explain the rudiments of this technique, its advantages and any pitfalls? I have found an article...
  5. nonstandard

    Looking for a Guest House in or near Warwick?

    It looks like I will be attending a two day training course at Volvo Warwick on the 12th to 13th August. The cheapskates that I work for are expecting me to drive there and back each day from Derbyshire in the company van; I know it's not a million miles but I am considering funding an...
  6. nonstandard

    Storing winter stores

    I have a full super of sealed winter stores, sugar not honey, which I removed from one of my hives a couple of weeks ago; what is the best method of storing it until I need it, which will probably be in a couple of weeks unless this weather improves :) The reason I have it is that I had a very...
  7. nonstandard


    After playing Grandma's suitcase at the weekend with the kids and giving it a beekeeping theme I thought I'd point Wordle at the forum with the following result. It's nice to see panic and trouble made it in there ;) Anyone up for putting something like this on a forum t-shirt?
  8. nonstandard

    Dealing with Nosema

    I have a hive that is showing signs of nosema, I haven't been able to test the bees yet, but the hive front, frames and low population are pointing in that direction. Obviously re-queening at the moment is not an option, maybe in a week or three when I start doing splits. I do however have an...
  9. nonstandard

    Has anyone been on a queen rearing course?

    I was wondering if anyone has been on a queen rearing course like the one in Suffolk tutored by Clive De Bruyn or the one in Devon With Ken Basterfield. Was it worth the money, did you learn much more than you can on the net and have you improved your home bred queens significantly? TIA
  10. nonstandard

    How to add more young bees to a keiler?

    I have a keiler mating give that for one or two reasons has very few worker bees present. The queen is present and mated but can't get going u assume because of the lack of bees. Can I just throw in another cup of bees from a calm colony or is it more complicated than that?
  11. nonstandard

    It's been a funny old year for hive 9

    I had a colony that went into winter reasonably strongly but were quite small on first inspection at the end of March. Next inspection in late April showed that there was no brood or eggs but a queen was heard piping and spotted. Mid May and there was no sign of a queen, multiple eggs in cells...
  12. nonstandard

    Can you believe it.

    It has been throwing it down all day here with no sign of it letting up and I have just had a call from Hardwick Hall to say there is a swarm in the gardens. I shall report back later.
  13. nonstandard

    My latest cock up

    While pulling down some queen cells in a good colony about two weeks ago I saved four and put them in an incubator I have. Three hatched a week later and I introduced one to a hive that had gone drone layer (after I tipped them out first); the other two I put in a couple of queen cages and...
  14. nonstandard


    During our last inspection we found evidence of sacbrood, apart from re-queening we can find no other advice on t'internet or in Hooper etc. We found it in an A/S we took on 26th May, the brood is from the parent colony. The child colony looks like it will turn out to be drone laying as I have...
  15. nonstandard

    NBU Starvation Warning

    I know most of you will have already had this via email but some of the newer beekeepers may benefit from the advice.
  16. nonstandard


    I know I'm a bad parent but we visited McD's the other day, their latest promotion is nature orientated I was a little surprised to see that they have really upped their ante regarding filling our kids with cr@p. For those who cannot make the text out it says "It takes 22,700 bumblebees to make...
  17. nonstandard


  18. nonstandard

    Sod's law says.....

    Having just looked at the arsey bees at an out apiary I have decided to wash my sting laden suit. Sod's law says that while it's going round in the washing machine I'm bound to get a phone call about a swarm to collect.
  19. nonstandard

    Will an Apidea raise their own queen?

    Hi guys and gals, The situation I have is this; I have a carnolian colony that are the devil incarnate :reddevil: and are nicely strapped up tonight prior to a move in the morning to a remote apiary to allow me time to re-queen them. I could not find the queen today (clipped) but found some...
  20. nonstandard

    Looks like we will be trying a poly hive

    Having gone through the Poly/Wood dilemma a couple of years ago and decided that the wooden hive better suited our ethics and my practical skills, (you can't make your own polys); It now looks like we will be trying out a poly national, or rather my eight year old will as she entered the kids...