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    Api Life Var Help please

    Hi All again would appriciate some advice please, this is my first year , i have one hive. I have one brood box and one super on with lots of stores for them to go through winter, my question is regarding api life var, i understand that i put 4 bits on each corner of the brood box, is this on...
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    Winter Feed

    Hi All This is my first hive and i started in May and this will be my first winter. I would be oblidged if you could advise me in how much fondant feed i would need to get through the winter period. I have one National Hive. Hope this makes sense and appriciate again good advice i all ways...
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    Help Newbie please

    Apolagise beforhand if this is covered. Basically i am in my second month of keeping bees, one hive. I know to day weather awfull, but i noticed my bees which are doing well, have all nearly filled enterance to hive and very slow moving, lafargice. Is this normal, thanks steve
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    Smoker Fuel

    Hi All Just wondered what smoker fuel people use, so many i have seen on the internet, appreciate as all ways advice Thanks steve
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    Learning the basics bee keeping

    Hi All again, as you all know i am starting bee keeping next year when the time is right, i brought a national beehive flat pack, thank god for the wife , patience of a saint when it came to building it, i did hold the hammer. Any way i understand that for newbies its a minefield of information...
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    Painting a hive

    Hi all i am new to beekeeping and just brought a National hive flat pack in readiness for next year, the wood is ceder i was wondering if any one has painted there hive and could you give me any guide lines what is best type of paint or product to use? or would you just suggest to leave natural...
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    Advice Please

    Hi All I am a new starter into bee keeping and i know i can not get bees until next year, i would appreciate any advice on what to get between a swarm and getting them from a bee breeder, i have heard that you can not guarantee a swarm would be disease free, where paying from a breeder would...
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    Help please

    Hi all would be obliged if anyone could help please, i am in the newbie stage of keeping bees and i am trying to long on to the Huntingdon beekeeping association web site but whether its me doing something wrong the site directs me to a funny register log in nothing to do...