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  1. Ouarda

    Damn Wasps

    Hi guys had a huge setback at the weekend due to that nasty black and yellow bandit, the wasp :mad::smash::smash: My poor little swarm has been really badly attacked and I think they killed the queen and killed loads of the new grubs. As the swam was only little to start this has really done...
  2. Ouarda


    Hi Guys, :( Just had a really nasty thing happen to my girls............5 magpies set on the hive attacking the girls and trying to get in the hive. They were quite aggressive pecking at the roof and sides of the hive as well as trying to get in the entrance. I know woodpeckers can be a pain...
  3. Ouarda

    Stupid Question (probably)

    Hiya Guys :redface: I was about to check out my hive today when the heavens opened so thought to myself check the girls tomorrow. bee-smillie just checked forecast and it's wet for the next 4 days :cuss: it's going to be 11 days between inspections if its wet for the next 4 days is that ok?????
  4. Ouarda


    I've been told that once the girlies start foraging on ivy that the honey is no good.bee-smilliebee-smillie Can sombody explain what the problem is with ivy honey and when will the ivy become a problem. Thanks in advance for your replies
  5. Ouarda

    an unexpected swarm move in

    Hi Guys, I'm in a bit of a pickle, :willy_nilly:I was given a gift of an old beehive a few weeks back which had a couple of frames of drawn comb in the brood box. About 10 days ago a swarm took up residence, my plan was to get bees next spring after doing a course and joining the local bee...