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  1. DulwichGnome

    General Husbandry

    Hi Heather, did you take the exam? Did you pass? I am looking to try next year and have been trawling thou the regs to make sure I can conform when I came across the term 'full sizes frames'. Does anyone know what the BBKA expect? I am on Rose size frames and I am sure I can do all that...
  2. DulwichGnome

    Who uses the Rose Hive method ?

    For those of you who might not have seen this, an example of a Rose hive, Mike.
  3. DulwichGnome

    Who uses the Rose Hive method ?

    Part of the management of a Rose hive is to put a box in between two boxes with brood in them which works best if they are all the same size. Mike
  4. DulwichGnome

    Who uses the Rose Hive method ?

    Yes and they are 10 frame boxes so I don't see that two dummy frames in the ply box would be a problem. I think the frames are a bit expensive, I buy standards in the sale and cut them down. You could still use you standard box as the bottom box of the hive, it would just mean they had a bit of...
  5. DulwichGnome

    Who uses the Rose Hive method ?

    You don't need to use his boxes if you don't want to. I use cut down poly boxes which over winter well. However the system was developed in Ireland and if they over winter there... You could clad them in kingspan in winter? Mike.
  6. DulwichGnome

    Queen rearing as a group

    Hi, like most beekeeping stuff, queen rearing can be done with the equipment that you already have so it does not need to be expensive. However, from my experience at the Bromley queen rearing group, what you do need is bags of enthusiasm and commitment. Once you have set up the grafts the time...
  7. DulwichGnome

    What nail gun do you use?

    I use a 20swg air stapler,, for frames and an 18swg for wooden boxes. Mike
  8. DulwichGnome

    Label Printing.

    These work well for honey jar labels, Avery Inkjet Addressing Labels J8173-25 Not sure how suitable for outside. Mike.
  9. DulwichGnome

    Foundationless frames

    I would think about putting a frame each side of the broad a week or so before you plan to SS and use those in the centre of the new box to keep the queen safe. To make doubly sure put a QX under the box and feed. Remember it is important when using foundation-less frames that your boxes are...
  10. DulwichGnome

    Bees in school

    I have kept bees in the headmasters garden at the school where I work for a couple of years and have had the boys (8 to 12 years old) around the hive with no problem. The most important thing is making them feel safe, they all wear full suits and are behind a net. If I want to show them...
  11. DulwichGnome

    swarm catcher bags: rubbish/not rubbish?

    I use a large water bottle with the bottom cut off and an old roller handle in the neck. The handle has a screw fitting so you can use painters extension rods. It also has a smooth surface so the bees just slid out, any thing cloth and you might have trouble getting them out. Mike.
  12. DulwichGnome


    As thin as possible and you will feel the bees before they sting you. Mike.
  13. DulwichGnome

    Who uses the Rose Hive method ?

    In my experience, there are lots of things which will make a differance. The main one is probable the time of the year. However you can put a box underneath to give them some spare room. Mike.
  14. DulwichGnome

    Who uses the Rose Hive method ?

    The one colony on shallows (6") over winter on 3 boxes, I replace the bottom one in the spring and add with the flow as discribed for the Rose method. You may need 8 if the flow is good. Mike
  15. DulwichGnome

    Who uses the Rose Hive method ?

    The Rose method is doable with standard boxes, if you can lift a full box of honey and you can extract a standard frame. It's worth trying in shallows, about 6 will do, just have a 'spare' on the bottom in the spring and be quick to put on others when the flow starts. Mike.
  16. DulwichGnome

    Hospital Cross Infections. Listen for the throw away line at 05:25. Mike.
  17. DulwichGnome

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    +9 and sunny today in SE London so feed overwintering nucs and stocked up out apiary shed with boxes and frames. Roll on spring. Mike
  18. DulwichGnome

    Drone Importance

    Best be aware that if you use a starter strip then they will make drone size comb to store honey at the end of the year. If, like me, you leave a box of honey on top for the winter, by spring they have worked their way up into it and when the queen starts to lay it can create a lot of drones...
  19. DulwichGnome

    What I want for Christmas is .....

    I use an old 5 frame nuc box and a wallpaper steamer going into the side, once it's up and running it cleans them up a treat. Any that are still mucky I wash. Mike.
  20. DulwichGnome

    Who uses the Rose Hive method ?

    If you have a strong nectar flow then shallow boxes will fill very quickly with both brood and honey. I would recommend you have at lest one 'spare' on the bottom of the hive and have another ready above the crown board. Mike.