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  1. Mandeville

    Strange sound

    Can anyone identify this strange warbling noise? I first heard it a couple of weeks ago, late afternoon. It was loud enough to be heard from about 15feet from the hive. The bees were coming and going, and appeared to be behaving perfectly normally. Happened again this morning while I was...
  2. Mandeville

    Shook swarm and Q intro

    The SBI has just given me the all-clear after the 6 week standstill because of EFB - yay!! :) But he was concerned about the level of sac brood and has suggested requeening. I have been offered a queen which I'd like to put into a colony which was a split from earlier in the season. To reduce...
  3. Mandeville

    Soft Set problem

    I tried making soft set honey a couple of months ago - first time I've done this. The first batch went fine, but the pictures show what has happened to the second lot. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong please?
  4. Mandeville

    Candle making question

    I'm trying to make two-tone candles. I have an irregular shaped mould and I'm pouring natural wax into the bottom, allowing it to set and then adding dyed wax to fill the rest of the mould. The problem I'm having is that the second pouring is filling up the gaps round the edge left by the...
  5. Mandeville

    Undrawn frames in brood box

    In two of my hives, the bees have determinedly refused to draw out some of the foundation in the brood boxes - both colonies were A/S's done earlier in the season. There's brood on 4-5 frames at the moment, and some stores on another couple. I've moved the frames around, still ignored them. I...
  6. Mandeville

    QC in super

    I have just found a well-developed charged QC at the bottom of a super frame, immediately above the QX. It was 1-2 days from being capped. The Q is this season's and is laying well in the BB. There is no brood in the super, so it seems that there is no explanation other than a worker moved an...
  7. Mandeville

    Bees stripping newly built comb

    Here's the story .... Small cast swarm put into a nuc with all new foundation about 3-4 weeks ago. I gave them about a pint of syrup but they weren't very interested so I didn't bother to top it up once they'd finally taken it all. After a couple of weeks they'd drawn 2-3 frames of comb, and...
  8. Mandeville


    I'm a bit concerned that one of my colonies might have EFB. I've got a test kit but it expired December 2018. Does anyone know if it will give me a meaningful result?
  9. Mandeville


  10. Mandeville

    Bee Saviour Card

    £4.00 for three drops of sugar water! Someone's laughing all the way to the bank.
  11. Mandeville


    A beekeeping colleague has inherited an observation hive which he'd like to restore. Does anyone have any suggestions for a suitable treatment for woodworm?
  12. Mandeville

    Mystery QC

    Sorry in advance - this is going to be a long post! I've a mystery on my hands and I think it's necessary to give some background. So I'm putting in extracts from my hive notes from last year. The queen in this hive was marked and clipped early in the season. After 10/6/17 she was never seen...
  13. Mandeville

    Flight of the BumbleBee Worth watching right through :music-smiley-026:
  14. Mandeville

    Supercedure question

    At what point in the process of supercedure does the old queen get eliminated? This is the scenario ... Smallish colony with a new queen, the result of a split done in mid-May. Not been building up fast, but not worryingly slow either. Today I found eggs, the marked queen, two open charged...
  15. Mandeville

    Cracks in candles

    I'm trying to make pillar candles about 2-2.5 inches diameter and they're cracking badly - I'm assuming it's because they're cooling too quickly. I'm using a polycarbonate mould and for my last attempt, I put it inside a length of plastic drainpipe filled with dry sand to act as insulation...
  16. Mandeville

    Swarm chases car !!
  17. Mandeville

    Swarm chases car !!

  18. Mandeville

    Large colony - What to do?

    I think one of my hives is overcrowded and I'm not sure what to do. The landing board is often covered with bees, whatever the weather. At the moment the configuration is ..... BB - 14x12 - 6-7 frames brood QX Super - 3/4 capped 4" eke - left over from previous manipulation and not removed...
  19. Mandeville

    Gate Valve for extractor

    Could anyone suggest where we can get hold of a tap for a plastic extractor? The standard size taps have an external diameter of 48mm but our hole is only 40mm. If the worst comes to it, we can make the hole bigger, but would prefer to have a tap the right size TIA for any advice.
  20. Mandeville

    Insulation in brood box

    Could I use an old pillow (? enclosed in a binliner) to fill up space in a brood box? I've a small (and probably failing :() colony on 6 frames in a 14x12 brood box. They're dummied down but I kindof feel it would be better to fill up the box with something rather than leave it empty. I'll...