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  1. garethbryson

    Chances of a Q- hive surviving the winter?

    I have a hive that swarmed late on last year and as far as i was concerned had no mated queen going into the winter. Anyway, i left them to it just to see what would happen. Today i was giving fondant to my other hive that is doing well and i just looked into the other to see what was going on...
  2. garethbryson

    How do i prepare honey for a show??

    I have had my first crop of honey this year and i want to enter the club honey show. i already have the correct jars and have it in the jar without any "foreign objects". there are a few bubbles sitting on the top of the honey so how do i get rid of that?. what else do i have to do with the...
  3. garethbryson

    tips for getting bee's to move into a super.

    Can anybody give me a few tips for getting bees to start moving up into a super to start drawing out foundation(fresh Foundation). The colony is a good strong one with not alot of room left in the national brood box. The super has been on for 2 weeks now and still nothing. While inspection today...
  4. garethbryson

    How do Queens kill other Queens??

    Sorry if this seems to be the question of a real novice, BUT. I was always led to believe that once a honey bee used its sting it was "good night Irene" for that said honey bee. So i was wondering how a virgin queen would kill another virgin queen in a hive?, or indeed kill another virgin...
  5. garethbryson


    Do Any of you Make Mead? If So can you tell me the best methods and yeasts to use?
  6. garethbryson

    how many cells?

    How many cells(approx) are there on one side of a standard national brood box frame?
  7. garethbryson

    Queen needed Please!!

    After waiting 4 weeks for a queen to get mated i have now got small patches of drone brood on the frames. I think the queen has went missing in action and i have laying workers. So if any of you still have a spare queens for sale i would be much obliged!! Gareth........
  8. garethbryson

    I passed my exams

    I just got my results for the preliminary beekeeping course. I got 92%. Happy days
  9. garethbryson

    Does anybody still have Queen's for sale??

    My queen went missing in action sometime round the 12th july, the bee's had not swarmed but i had a nice sealed QC on the bottom of a frame and 2 un sealed QS's on the face of one of the frames. I destroyed the two on the frame and left the one good looking one. It has hatched around the...
  10. garethbryson

    Supercedure or swarmed?

    I got a nuc 3 weeks ago and all seemed to be going well. I have never seen the quen but seen lots of evicence that she was there, Lots of eggs etc. Due to weather and other reasons i didnt get to do an inspection for 9 days. When i opened the box the bee's were crazy, they were usually very...
  11. garethbryson

    First Inspectoin of MY OWN bees

    I have just had the real pleasure of doing the first inspection on my first hive since i moved them from the nuc into the national brood box last wednesday. I didnt look for the queen last week as i was just trying to move them as quick as possalbe to reduce stress. (New box, new surroundings)...
  12. garethbryson

    When to transfer a nuc!?!?!?

    I collected a nuc last night and they have been very busy all day coming and going, i cant see any pollen going in so i surmise they are bringing in nectar. I haven't been in the box yet so i dont know how much brood is in there but i was told that they are quite well established. My consearn is...
  13. garethbryson

    bees at last

    I've just been told that my nuc is ready for collection. HORRAY. Finally i'll have my own bees!!!!!!!
  14. garethbryson

    Ted Hooper's Guide to bee's and honey for sale.

    I Have a brand new copy of this book for sale as my dad bought me a copy for my birthday without knowing i already had it. I'll take £5 for it if anybody is interested PM me.
  15. garethbryson

    New Bee suit..

    Here's some photo's of my new bee suit decorations.
  16. garethbryson

    Thorne agents in nothrern ireland

    Here's a link to a list of Thorne agents in northern Ireland. I have used a couple of them and they were both very helpfull.
  17. garethbryson

    Wanted in Northern Ireland

    Swarms or nucs wanted in Northern Ireland
  18. garethbryson

    Bees are usefull

    A man was driving down the road and ran out of gas. Just at that moment, a bee flew in his window. The bee said, 'What seems to be the problem?' 'I'm out of gas,' the man replied. The bee told the man to wait right there and flew away. Minutes later, the man watched as an entire swarm of...
  19. garethbryson

    Exams all done, now bring on the bees.

    I did my written and practical exams for the preliminary beekeping course this morning, I strongly recommend any newcomer that you go and do it. Yes you can read books and learn things, but you cant beat the hands on experiance with a compitent beekeeper. Also i now have a full class worth(30)...
  20. garethbryson

    How do they know?

    Can anybody tell me how the workers know if an egg is fertilized or not. What i mean is, if a queen turns into a drone layer. How do the bees know to make drone cells out of normal worker cells if you understand where i'm comming from. Gareth:confused: