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  1. pstafford

    Good timing

    Managed to leave work early to get a good look at my bees yesterday. Hive one is my older queen and no QCs but plenty of stores. Hive two I found was not far off swarming as it had two very large capped Queen Cells and was also down on stores compared to the other hive. Very happy I had the...
  2. pstafford

    Drone Cells ?

    I saw these three large cells: Would you say these were just very large odd Drone Cells ? Paul
  3. pstafford

    How long can you leave honey in the frames ?

    I removed 2 supers on Sunday and set them inside the house awaiting a borrowed honey extractor. At 4pm I was getting a little concerned as no extractor had arrived as promised and later found out that it had been damaged that morning and was awaiting a spare part due to arrive this week. My...
  4. pstafford

    New Queen

    So, I am a newbie beek for 2010. As you can imagine I am doing it all by the book and taking my time making sure I have checked for eggs each time I open the hive. For over a month I have not seen the marked queen, but have always seen eggs. This weekend I open the hive, note more eggs and...
  5. pstafford

    Two evil bees...

    I have a hive in the garden and am fortunate to have very docile bees apart from two. If you get close to the hive they buzz right around your head non-stop. If you walk away they follow. To prove a point, I walked up to the hive and then walked off with these two dive bombing my veil and...
  6. pstafford

    Set your watch

    Everyday around 4pm, I get a small cluster of bees come outside for a look-see ! They are addictive to sit and watch :)
  7. pstafford


    I have read mixed views on feeding a nuc that has just been hived. I have my bees in their new hive (along with 6 frames of brood and stores) and have fed them with an Ashforth feeder and a 2:1 syrup this week. As they have 5 frames of foundation to draw out I wonder how long would you feed...
  8. pstafford


    So, having hived my new bees on Saturday and added the 6 frames they arrived on to the hive of frames with foundation I thought I would have a quick look-see tonight at the hive to make sure all was okay. They are very active and bringing a lot of pollen back to the hive. However underneath...
  9. pstafford

    Nuc in 5 days...

    As a beekeeping newbie, I have attended the beginners course over the winter, built my hive and ordered a nuc of bees. Now the nerves have set in as I count down 5 days until I can go and collect my first nuc. I thought I would ask for some tips on what to do beforehand and on the day…
  10. pstafford

    Experience using Hoffman Converter Clips

    Has anyone used Hoffman Converter Clips and would you recommend them ? I have standard frames and am using plastic spacers between them, but also have some Hoffman Frames that I want to introduce this year. Is it worth using Hoffman Converter Clips on the others ?