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  1. dickndoris

    Labels. Non permanent?

    Hi all. I have been using standard address labels on A4 sheets printed by the trusty Dell laser. People return the jars often but the labels just don't come off. Looking at changing the labels to X 7 per A4 so one label for front/back. Question is, has anyone used the non permanent/removable...
  2. dickndoris

    Melliflow pro

    Just wondering if any of you are using one of these machines and have any tips? Like if you use a bag for the old brood wax for example and at what temp you use for granulated in comb honey. Cheers in advance. Pick one up tomorrow
  3. dickndoris

    Anyone tried, seen, touched the poly hive from maisemore

    I see Maisemore now have in poly national hives and at a pretty good price. The built in runners put me off a bit but of course a little trim with a knife would sort that out if needed. Anyone have one or seen one ref quality etc? Flat pack. Look like they might screw together?
  4. dickndoris

    italian bee on italian flower in Italy this weekend

    A little snap from weekend gone.
  5. dickndoris

    maqs, oa vaporize, other? Advice sought.

    As a rule I monitor my inspection boards at least once a week ,when they are in and give them a scrape clean. Over the past few days two hives have shown an alarming drop in mites! 6-12 per 24 hrs as of yesterday. All hives have had a zero drop right through winter. Hive Makers thymol was used...
  6. dickndoris

    squadron home safe

    A quick snap before work this morning. One might think its still summer!
  7. dickndoris

    resting after a busy day. Taken on Friday

    Only snaps. Do bees smile? I think so :-)
  8. dickndoris

    clear jelly at entrance ?

    There seems to be a big puddle of clear jelly at the entrance to one of the hives I look after. Its a poly hive with wood floor. Treated with Hive Makers varroa treatment with lady's pant pad as a soak. Has a feeder on but empty which has 2-1 sugar and a touch of thymol again Hive Makers sticky...
  9. dickndoris

    electric hot knife?

    Hi all. Anyone had experience with hot knifes as opposed to cold un capping knifes? Looking at getting one of Thornies own brand that seem reasonably priced now. Just about to take 19 supers off for extraction so will be busy. Some are pretty lumpy too:-) I have some that is all the bees doing...
  10. dickndoris

    digger wasps a threat?

    Was just sorting out a colony that has lost its virgin queen, I guess on her mating flight as the house martins have been out in force, when I noticed but 6' away a scraped out hole like the start of a rabbit hole and coming and going out of it were wasps. Lots of wasps with the nest part...
  11. dickndoris

    Bees facing eviction! Help

    Will keep this brief and maybe someone might be able to help? Have been keeping bees now for 3 years at the same spot. It is a very sheltered piece of land at the side of my house. I have been tending this land for 15+ years in varying degrees. It is a flood plain and is owned by a local...
  12. dickndoris

    Lots of eggs on inspection board?

    So far all the colonies have come through the most of winter. Unfortunately there is one of the wooden hives that looks like it might not make the rest as the inspection tray has many eggs on it that have fallen through the omf. I am guessing that the queen is no more and there are laying...
  13. dickndoris

    20.30 ch 4 tonight Mon 18th

    Just a heads up. Sounds interesting. wild things. Yorkshire Dales meadow through the vision of a honey bee.
  14. dickndoris

    20.30 ch 4 tonight Mon 18th

  15. dickndoris

    To spend your crimbo money. sale starts today at P-i-es

    Just noticed Pa-ne- is having a sale today. Got a few cheap eeks for the Nuc's with a little Crimbo money. Much prefer to have the feeders on top and extra frames inside.
  16. dickndoris

    Steam wax extractor in poly hive?

    Looking at making a steam wax extractor made from a wallpaper steam stripper and thought I would use a spare payzz 14x12 poly hive as the main body. Has anyone used a poly hive to do this and if so did it melt/damage the hive body? Maybe just plain old wood might be better? Thanks all in advance R
  17. dickndoris

    Another 2012 queen bites the dust:-( ?

    A queen I found outside her nuc this morning. She was sat in the entrance looking pretty dead. Warmed her up in front of the stove and popped her back in. Looks like yet another poor 2012 queen. Wondering just how many colonies are going to make it to spring:-(
  18. dickndoris

    MM sale. Not much there? 14x12 frames

    HI all. Not much in the MM sale and what I wanted seemed not to be in stock ie 14x12 frames. If anyone is looking for them they are in the 50 frame £28 bit. A real shame that Thns don't post sale Items. I would have gone over if only I wasn't at work. Stops one spending even more so at least the...
  19. dickndoris

    sack brood/Chinese slipper cured:-)

    I have had a problem with one of my 5 frame standard nat nuc in that it has been suffering from sack/chalk brood, Chinese slipper to the point of been so bad I was worried it was EFB. Called out me local inspector who advised me it was not and maybe get rid of HM. Well, the colony even with it's...