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  1. garethbryson

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Fed fondant and stood for the first time in ages to watch the little critters flying in and out.
  2. garethbryson

    Chances of a Q- hive surviving the winter?

    thats exactly when it was.
  3. garethbryson

    Chances of a Q- hive surviving the winter?

    I have a hive that swarmed late on last year and as far as i was concerned had no mated queen going into the winter. Anyway, i left them to it just to see what would happen. Today i was giving fondant to my other hive that is doing well and i just looked into the other to see what was going on...
  4. garethbryson

    How do i prepare honey for a show??

    I have had my first crop of honey this year and i want to enter the club honey show. i already have the correct jars and have it in the jar without any "foreign objects". there are a few bubbles sitting on the top of the honey so how do i get rid of that?. what else do i have to do with the...
  5. garethbryson

    Honey Show

    One of the members in our club lives beside an ice cream factory. 2 years ago he had a super full of green honey. he thinks there was a dumped batch of green ice cream that the bees brought back to the hive.
  6. garethbryson

    tips for getting bee's to move into a super.

    The hair drier was going to be my next move. its the only super on the box.
  7. garethbryson

    tips for getting bee's to move into a super.

    I'm afraid i dont have either.
  8. garethbryson

    tips for getting bee's to move into a super.

    no, QX still in place. I shall remove it!!!
  9. garethbryson

    tips for getting bee's to move into a super.

    Can anybody give me a few tips for getting bees to start moving up into a super to start drawing out foundation(fresh Foundation). The colony is a good strong one with not alot of room left in the national brood box. The super has been on for 2 weeks now and still nothing. While inspection today...
  10. garethbryson

    How can I tell seales brood from stores?

    Sealed Brood has the look of a digestive buscuit and the sealed stores has a nice white wax capping.
  11. garethbryson

    Global (s)warming?

  12. garethbryson

    Where to put caught cast?

    You could leave it over to Ballyronan. I'm sure there's a nice fella that would take it off your hands for you!!!:drool5::drool5:
  13. garethbryson

    Median wasps and other stripey newcomers

    I bet that was painfull :eek:. Sorry i couldn't resist that one.. :laughing-smiley-004 Luminos, would there be any chance of you taking a photo if the nest? i would like to see what it looks like.
  14. garethbryson

    How do Queens kill other Queens??

    Sorry if this seems to be the question of a real novice, BUT. I was always led to believe that once a honey bee used its sting it was "good night Irene" for that said honey bee. So i was wondering how a virgin queen would kill another virgin queen in a hive?, or indeed kill another virgin...
  15. garethbryson


    Have a read at this Mocko, Another thread regarding the same topic.
  16. garethbryson

    Missing Queen

    What do you mean by egg laying worker (drones)?
  17. garethbryson

    Elasticated Horse Leg Bandage

    I use the black tape you get for repairing holes in round bale silage wrap. real sticky and stretchy too. And very cheap also.
  18. garethbryson

    New Bee suit..

    The suit is not just as clean any more. any tips on what to wash it with that wont make the bees attack?
  19. garethbryson

    Charity auction on the Auction site!!!!!!

    How did I miss that?!?!?!? lol:banghead: