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  1. pargyle

    Pressure canning

    You already have the gadget .... your Lidl Jam maker. All you need is some of the Kilner jars with the two part lid. They are a bit phobic in the USA about 'canning' - basically preserving and then heating the canned produce be it fruit, vegetables or even jam in the jar submerged in boiling...
  2. pargyle

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Yes ... even if they can'tr get into the run they seem to be attracted to the hens. Our rat problem was compounded by the bird feeders - I did all sorts of things to stop the seed getting spilled from the feeders but there was always something there for the rats under the feeders. In the end...
  3. pargyle

    Replacing a National roof woodwork?

    But ... it's not actually a pesticide is it ? It works by infesting the the wax moth with what is effectively a parasite (a nematode) ... I know the technical explanation is a bit more complex but let's keep it simple. So ... your logical conclusion falls at the first fence ?
  4. pargyle

    removing drone brood

    You use an uncapping fork and actually fork out the drone larvae - the infant varroa can usually be seen on the actual larvae. I suspect the bees would clear out the larvae if you left them in the comb but as you are already disturbing them why give them more work ? Personally, although I...
  5. pargyle

    Replacing a National roof woodwork?

    No approval needed - it's not a bee medicine - it's for storing frames in empty boxes and the prevention of wax moth damage works ....and it's so much cheaper than Certan was.
  6. pargyle

    Replacing a National roof woodwork?

    Yes - I lost an empty nuc with stored frames to wax moth a few years ago ... disgusting mess, totally destroyed - the holes were so deep in places they went right through the poly. Never again - all my stored boxes get treated with Dipel.
  7. pargyle

    Queen marking

    If bees were that size I think they would be farming humans not us them .... lets hope the Chinese have not already genetically modified them and they are the signs of things to come - puts drone warfare in the shade !
  8. pargyle

    DLQ & buying new Q

    I agree ... the situation is not clear ...
  9. pargyle

    DLQ & buying new Q

    I'd like to see some photos of other frames ...there's capped worked brood in amongst those drone cells and some larvae ...and that looks like an uncapped queen cell at the top of the frame ... if it is they may have decided to supercede and you could have a virgin queen in there alongside your...
  10. pargyle

    White eyed drone

    Fascinating aren't they ? I've only ever seen one at a friends apiary some years ago ...we'd heard about them but never seen one .... they are reasonably common I believe but the bees, I suspect, remove them and it's just a matter of luck if you get to see one, Great photo for those who've...
  11. pargyle

    Bee Equipment cotton smoker fuel - warning

    Probably a good impromptu crop of tomatoes as well .....
  12. pargyle

    Whats with this cold weather

    If you were a beginner he would probably be right but, over the years, you do get to know your bees and your locality and the weather and swarm prediction becomes more intuitive ... but there again - the little beggars can still catch you out ! Such fun - double guessing honey bees !
  13. pargyle

    Bee Equipment cotton smoker fuel - warning

    I use hardwood wood shavings from my turnings ... I try and avoid pine and other softwoods in the smoker as they seem to give a slightly more acrid smoke and a lot of tar in the smoker. I've also taken to adding some dried lavender as well ... not that I ever use a great deal of smoke.
  14. pargyle

    Bee Equipment cotton smoker fuel - warning

    I think in historical times there was an official Royal position ~ 'Groom of the KIngs Stools'. Quite an important job at the time ....
  15. pargyle

    Striving for racial purity in bees a pointless, counter productive, seriously bad idea?

    Presumably the offspring will be a Cocka cocka poo poo .... has a certain meliflous ring to it though ? (That's melifluous not melliferous BTW).
  16. pargyle

    Bee Equipment cotton smoker fuel - warning

    Yes ... it took me a minute or three to get that vision out of my head until I thought ... ahhh - Lavender not dried whatever you were thinking about !
  17. pargyle

    Bee Garden

    There's a place for wasps in the ecosystem .... they may not be a beekeepers friend ~ but they are a valuable pollinator and they do consume lots of garden pests, plus they munch up rotten wood and make the most spectacular nests .... and in my apiary they often take the dead bees away from...
  18. pargyle

    Plant grafting tape

    Ordinary electrical insulation tape will do the job - get the two parts together again as soon as possible. I would also wrap a string binding around on the outside of the tape and for an inch either side of the break to reinforce the repair.
  19. pargyle

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Crumbs Mark ... you are splashing out .... 22 Nucs from Ceri ? .. That's a few jars of honey to get your investment back. What made you go for buying in Nucs rather than packages ?
  20. pargyle

    Queen marking

    Bloody hell - if that bee came towards me I'd want to be armed with a 12 bore - it would have a sting the size of a hyperdermic needle !!!