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    Skin cream with beeswax.

    I m posting this because after much experimenting with cream I have discovered a really great skin cream. Anyone else who has done like wise please post. 2 oz beeswax 300 ml olive oil 300 ml of purified rain water. plus 6 or so vit e caps. Nothing amazing so far however I grow Calendula or...
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    I have wondered why every season the honeys take to the Balsam so late and I think I 've figured it out. I m surrounded by Balsam and I watch everyday as the Bumbles rattle it. But not the honeys or not yet anyway. As the Bumbles come to an end and start dying off the honeys come on it. Recently...
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    Mentors offered in Southport

    We are 2 beekeepers who want to take on a couple of newbees each season. We offer to teach in the evenings over the winter and help you through your first season and hopefully get you bees.
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    Queen excluder avoidance.

    Anyone else found that some colonies are reluctant to go through Queen ex this season. Have removed a couple of mine to get them into the super. I m not talking bout small colonies either. 7 -8 frames of brood all stores downstairs. Very odd.