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    Very strange mini-swarm

    Close to my home in London is a tennis-ball-sized swarm of bees hanging from a tree. They've been there for the last 2 weeks or so, and during the day, bees fly to and from it, as if to a hive. Any ideas why they are doing this?- why haven't they found a cavity to settle in by now? And is it...
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    What shall I do with this queen?

    I've just re-united two small colonies, and I took the queen (with 5 workers) out of one of them before I did so. I haven't killed her (I don't have the heart to!) there anything more constructive I can do with her at this time of year? Or do I just have to face up to the fact that she'll...
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    My hive's swarmed: now what?

    My hive swarmed on Sunday (20 May), but I don't think it's swarmed further as it's still fairly full (6 brood frames are well covered in bees) and there is one capped queen cell and several uncapped. I've read conflicting advice about what to do next. Should I cull all but two of the strongest...
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    swarming in Septmeber?

    I'm a beginner so forgive my question if it's daft- but is it possible for bees to swarm now? Loads of mine (around 150+) are clustered outside the hive, crawling about on the outside of it, some doing an odd shaking dance. The colony was raised this year from a nuc which had a year-old queen in...
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    Topsy-turvy bee-keeping!

    It's my first year, I've got one full super I can extract, but can't do so till 8 October. I haven't treated with Api-guard yet. Should I: (a) Clear the super now, take it off and store the frames at home till extraction date, then I can begin treating the hive. If so, is that too long to store...