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    Top bar hive - comb going wrong way

    I have 2 TBH and although I put some wax to learn teh bees which way i wanted them to build their combs they took no notice of my directions and now the combs have ended up at 90 degrees to where i put in my request. I am going to lose the 2 TBH (plywood is cheap but aint good) but wont buy new...
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    TBH newish swarm. Polystyrene as a filler?

    Hi guys, I thought I d give a TBH a go and managed to get a small swarm 3 weeks ago and then went on holiday. Got back Saturday and was intrigued to see how they got on and they have 5 combs started with the first one halfway across but going right down to the bottom. My conundrum is there are...