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  1. ericbeaumont

    When bees won't leave you alone...

    Was the colony bad-tempered last season? Do you have another colony?
  2. ericbeaumont

    Chalky looking stores

    Don't waste the resource: give the combs to a strong colony and they'll clear it out (although the hoover idea sounds fun).
  3. ericbeaumont

    Thornes poly nuc

    So do the Park and the BS, or the extra end space must be accepted. I assume that the designers thought it would give wriggle room, but in practice it's a nuisance: the end frames are built fatter on the outsides and that's awkward when upgrading into an eleven box. The joy of the Abelo...
  4. ericbeaumont

    Winter Store in Spring

    How many frames of brood in all stages (BIAS)? PS: larvae, not grubs. :) Yes, but room above for nectar as well. Nectar takes up more space than honey and super space must be given. Imagine washing on the line compared to dry clothes folded in the basket: nectar & honey must also be spread to...
  5. ericbeaumont

    BIBBA talk on Ley Lines

    If you're agitated by a beekeeper with firm opinions based on long experience, then look away. I find that Roger has an open mind about many things and fixed views on others, much like the rest of us. :) Some years ago he gave Epping Forest BKA an apiary demo of the energy lines theory; it was...
  6. ericbeaumont

    Drone Laying Worker?

    Remove the DLQ. Unite with newspaper. This faff in variable temps. would have been avoided.
  7. ericbeaumont

    MJT Cell Punch

    Or this: Cell Punches & Cell Punching, for raising queens
  8. ericbeaumont

    When to put supers on?

    Suggest you check the bee-space between boxes. If bottom bee space (which most if us work with) your top bars should lie flush with box top rims. They rarely do so, but the runners can be taken off and re-set. Comb between boxes is also a sign that the nest is running out of space. If you get...
  9. ericbeaumont

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Treasure! Good copy for a tenner of an essential forage book: Plants and Beekeeping by F. N. Howes (Hardback, 1979) | eBay
  10. ericbeaumont

    Painting Poly Hives/Nuc

    Any paintshop or warehouse will mix you any colour you want.
  11. ericbeaumont

    Snelgrove board to run 2 different colonies?
  12. ericbeaumont

    When to put supers on?

    Vertical split would get the job done and retain heat. A week or so is a long time in bee world...
  13. ericbeaumont

    Painting Poly Hives/Nuc

    Most suppliers suggest masonry but as Mike said, oil-based paint bonds better to the poly. Murray McGregor (ITLD here) has painted thousands of boxes and had forty years to try various methods and came to the same conclusion. I've a cellar of leftover oil-based Dulux Eggshells (and others put...
  14. ericbeaumont

    What a day!!

    Not easy to catch them at it with this on-off weather, but the good news is that it's set to be warmer and sunny to the end of April, so you may get a good mating (or matings, if Ania agrees to push the boat out).
  15. ericbeaumont

    What a day!!

    Fair point, it is getting a bit busy, and the other day I noticed the neighbour over the back looking a bit closely at her washing. On the other hand, if you shifted that bench and squeezed in a couple of nucs (it won't be for long!) you could sell them locally by early June if all goes well...
  16. ericbeaumont

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    I agree, the water bottle collector is the best, but not the ladder! Scared the hell out of me! If you share my fear, invest in the safest tool for the job: tripod ladders are light but very stable and can be carried in one hand, even the 14ft one. The 8-footer may be £200 (and that's with...
  17. ericbeaumont

    What a day!!

    PPS: you have the option to make up a couple of nucs with spare QCs.
  18. ericbeaumont

    When to put supers on?

    Try a poly super, Bob. You'll be able to hold an empty with one finger.
  19. ericbeaumont

    Beeswax prices

    Mine is £26.4/kg.
  20. ericbeaumont

    Dead and dying bees

    Have you been inside hives yet?