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  1. rolande

    British Black Bee Info

    No interest in speaking for others but I can see only one positive post in this little exchange. Ideas *do* change with time and experience, at least they should. I also think, having learnt this after a lot of heated exchanges that it's often best, as long as we've already made our point, to...
  2. rolande

    Transferring bees from keiler mating nuc

    I experimented with this idea a lot a few years ago but the success/effort ratio never seemed to pay off. Not saying it doesn't work because I've seen that it can. Another twist which will make a straight transfer much easier on the bees is to first move them to a mini plus hive and then make a...
  3. rolande

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Couple days old now (not even I make jigs at this time of morning - usually! ).
  4. rolande

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    No,that was simmins, wasn't it, possibly reporting that Cowan had used such an idea on hives housed in an attic....cant remember his full quote, but definitely before Wedmore.
  5. rolande

    Wise words from 100+ years ago.

    That sort of thing.
  6. rolande

    Wise words from 100+ years ago.

    For me, alarm bells ring when I read of the 'educated classes' turning their attention to anything which by nature is a highly practical pursuit.
  7. rolande

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    . A kind of bee-Bob then? Something that merited mention in Wedmore's 1932 book but now hardly known in the UK. Things change quickly.
  8. rolande

    Lost my queen

    I'm just a few miles along the coast from where the splits have been done. Past experience has taught me that early may is plenty early enough for Queen rearing, in fact, mid May is probably even better. As Ian123 said, even if they manage to mate (with what will be a very limited gene pool)...
  9. rolande

    Lost my queen

    Totally agree with this of course. Surprised with apparent lack of availability though having read so many posts saying that overwintered queens are the solution to early supply in the UK. Maybe a lot of people have been offering theoretical lectures?
  10. rolande

    Has anyone a mated queen available

    We have overwintered queens available in Dorset and can post. If you definitely need one please feel welcome to send me a pm.
  11. rolande

    Sublimox price

    Even in poly hives?
  12. rolande

    Starved Buckfast colony

    If an operator has no confidence in his prewinter prep then cracking the cover once or twice will take much less time and effort than hefting regularly right through the winter but yes, I do know the kind of person you refer to - always making work for themselves by taking shortcuts over rough...
  13. rolande

    Starved Buckfast colony

    In my opinion, and I really don't care how many experts disagree with me, hefting is a pointless task. If you have the time to heft you probably don't have enough colonies to notice if one is losing weight quickly. The only way to actually know the store situation is to crack the crown board...
  14. rolande

    i am often struck by an apparent contradiction re preventing disease spread

    The number of times I've read advice to beginners on this forum as well as elsewhere that the ability to borrow a frame of brood from a friend is a good reason to start with national hives.... I can think of one or two good reasons to start a hobby apiary with nationals but that ain't one of...
  15. rolande

    Can any one recommend a horizontal hive book pls.

    Curly, check out Wyatt Mangums website too. He's a very clear writer with experience of making money from topbar hive beekeeping
  16. rolande

    Yield of Warré hive

    Depends if you're tied to the 'method' or not, surely?
  17. rolande

    Yield of Warré hive

    Well, In this instance it's the beekeeper's choice but believe me if they can get their hands on it bees are more than happy to take syrup -Langstroth writes about masses of bees descending on a local confectionary shop. You can even now buy 'bee feeders' which you fill with syrup and hang in...
  18. rolande

    Yield of Warré hive

    No. Our choice of hive doesn't (shouldn't) dictate how much honey is left at the end of summer. Personally I tend to strip out a lot of the honey (if there's any to take) this isn't a case of beekeeper greed, rather, a necessary step to get old combs out of the brood chambers and new combs...
  19. rolande

    Yield of Warré hive

    Another worthwhile read would be a lot of the posts by Bernhard Heuval on 'Beesource' the main US Forum. While he's very commercially minded and occasionally contradicts himself (something we all do if we write things on bee forums over a number of years *and* keep an open mind) he has a wealth...
  20. rolande


    Agreed, I posted a couple of photos of an attack on another thread a few weeks ago. Good stands, which I don't use as standard, would surely remove most of the issue as they'd stop the culprit getting sufficient purchase to push/drag the box.