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    When to put supers on?

    The Dartington Long hive used half supers. No reason why half supers can't be used on Nationals.
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    Basket weavers.

    Tina of ecolistic artworks has run a couple of skep making courses for us at Brecknock and Radnor BKA.
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    Hi from Powys!

    Hi, You would be most welcome to join our Association Brecknock and Radnor BKA About B&RBKA & Membership application We normally have various events through the year but like everybody we are having to respond to current situations accordingly. We are, for example due to start our beginners...
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    Can any one recommend a horizontal hive book pls.

    There's a very good guide which can be downloaded from the Omlet Beehaus site. Based on the information devised by Roger Dartington the originator of the Dartington Long Deep Hive.
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    Starting a top bar hive

    Use any bees you can get hold of and use the "shook swarm" technique (look on Dave Cushman's site). April through to July is the best time. Make sure you have enough bars, for the number of bees you are shaking in, ready that have a trickle of melted beeswax or a starter strip. Plenty of...
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    Starting a top bar hive

    Top bars are as big as you want to make them. The "standard Phil Chandler is plenty big enough.
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    Yes, I join an appropriate forum site to suit.
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    Importation of bees

    So Bee Equipment owner is trying to import Italian colonies not just queens.
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    Sealing a new cedar hive

    For ***** sake throw matchsticks away unless they are used for their original purpose. Keep your lids closed.
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    Fungi v bee viruses

    Phil Chandler experimented with an "ECO Floor" for his TBH's with woodland detritus in the bottom which encouraged fungus growth.
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    Queen Cell Incubator

    You might be glad you ordered by credit card, the website has disappeared.
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    Queen Cell Incubator

    Just ordered one as well 🤞
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    Mineral Oils
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    Inspection software (brilliant)

    I think there is a market for this. I use Beetight which I find very good but it's not supported or developed anymore.
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    Inspection software (brilliant)

    Are you making it available to others? If it based on excel perhaps it would work on Android systems.
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    Oxalic acid sublimator / vaporiser

    re the full face mask, the filters are inadequate they need to be rated for organic gas vapours and not just dust.
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    sugar price.?

    Tesco online 5kg for £3.15 if you order enough that's delivered.
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    Bee Improvement for All with Roger Patterson Feb 20th Builth

    I'll be there on the day. Roger is a really good speaker
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    Bee Behaviour Workshop 17th Oct

    Excellent I really enjoyed the excellent Honey and Pollen day and look forward to the next day "Bee behaviuor" with the WBKA education officer Lynfa Davies. See you there.
  20. Outside house 036

    Outside house 036