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  1. troedyrhiw

    Courgette for tea... for a month

    Someone said this year was great for courgettes... ... At 4.4Kg it looks like I know what's for tea for september :)
  2. troedyrhiw

    Queen Cell in 2013 nuc

    Hi, I have a 2013 queen and nuc in a full hive and she appears to be laying well however when I did an inspection yesterday there was sealed queen cell and the queen was still there (a supersedure?). The stores that came with the nuc have been emptied and they are slow at drawing the new frames...
  3. troedyrhiw

    We got pigs again!

    Finally managed to get around to buying some pigs again after not having any in over a year :). This time we went for saddlebacks as there were no OSB's around locally. It's nice to see them playing in their run and turfing up the ground, they do appear to be a lot more friendly than most we've...
  4. troedyrhiw

    Hollowed out bumble bees?

    By the coal shed today I noticed half a dozen dead bumble bees on the floor which were hollowed out. I'm assuming smaller insects feast on them "after" they died and it's nothing to worry about? Just behind the shed is a massive Buddleia which has normally around 40+ bumble bees feeding off it...
  5. troedyrhiw

    Moving to larger frames

    Hi, new to beekeeping. We have just got 2 sets of bees over the last few weeks. The nucs contained standard national brood frames and a super frame of stores. The bees, bless them, increased the super frames to be national size whilst in the nuc... My hives are both national 14x12. So now I...