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    Assistance required near Winchester

    The farmer whose land my hives are located on, has a colony of bees living in the roof of his farmhouse. He's only recently moved in, but he believes the colony has been there for a few years. He'd like them removed if possible, although I guess this time of year isn't too good for doing that...
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    Extractor choice

    I'll probably only have a small number of supers to extract this year, but hoping to get another couple of hives next year, to bring my total to 4 or 5. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy an extractor this year yet, (depends if I can borrow one or not!) but if I do, I'm not too sure what to buy...
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    Queen Excluder - which way up?

    This is probably a very stupid question, but can't seem to find the answer to it anywhere. I'm using a wooden framed wire queen excluder on a National hive. The excluder has bee space on one side. When I initially fitted it, I presumed the bee space should be on the bottom..... but the bees are...
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    Queen Marking

    I'd like to mark the queen from the swarm I acquired a few weeks ago. I guess its impossible to tell how old the queen is from a swarm, so I suppose It doesn't really matter what colour to use. I find it hard to find the queen unless she's marked. I know its not always essential to find her, and...
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    I was sorting out my nuc box yesterday, and decided to give it a couple of coats of Cuprinol. My bees are located on top of a flat garage roof. I've not had any problems with bees being aggressive in the garden before, but they seemed to really object to the Cuprinol. There was a gentle breeze...
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    Bombus Hypnorum

    I had a call today from someone who had contacted the local BKA as they had bees in a bird box in their garden. I guessed from the description on the phone that they weren't honey bees. As far as I can tell, I think they are Bombus Hypnorum. The bees are in a bird box which is screwed to the...
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    Entrance Block

    Its a nice day today, and the bees are very busy. I've just been watching them - I could do that all day and not be bored.:) Anyway, it looked rather busy at the entrance with not too much room for them to get in and out with the entrance block in. I considered removing it, but it seems rather a...
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    Progress on newly hived swarm

    I'm aware that I'm perhaps being a little paranoid as I'm a new beekeeper and this is my first swarm. But after hiving my new nuc today, I decided to give the swarm in my 1st hive a quick inspection. The swarm was hived 10 days ago. They have drawn out 4 frames, and seem to have been quite busy...
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    Hiving a Nuc - when?

    Picked up a Nuc last night. The bees had a long journey, and the nuc box was finally put in position about 23:00 last night. The 5 frames look very full, so I think I should transfer the frames to the hive as soon as I can. The weather was awful first thing, lashing down with rain, but the sun...
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    Buying a Nuc

    Just started my beekeeping course, and have spent the last couple of months reading up on the subject. Although I've still got a lot to learn, I Have decided to buy a nuc, which I will be collecting the weekend after next. I have been offered help by a couple of local beekeepers, so I'm hoping...
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    Mentor wanted, Winchester Hampshire

    I don't have any bees yet, but booked on a course next month. Currently have an empty hive! Have enlisted the help of a couple of local beekeepers, but would appreciate any other help from anyone in the area!:cheers2:
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    Orientation of beehive entrance

    I've been thinking about taking up bee keeping for years. My grandfather kept bees many years ago, and I've always been fascinated with it, but until now, not really done anything about it! I've contacted my local bee keeping association, and I'm going to inspect a hive with the owner this...