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  1. elthambees

    Free bee colony for an experienced beekeeper

    Hello Robert, I'm not far from you in Eltham if your stuck PM me
  2. elthambees

    Jennifer Berry Lecture

    Sidcup KBKA Winter lecture Jenny Berry lecture 5th November at 7-30pm at Crofton Hall Orpington BR6 8PR
  3. elthambees


    fondant above crown board, wrap in cling film works for me
  4. elthambees

    Clive de Bruyn.

    Clive de Bruyn We have lost a true master of our beekeeping craft..RIP
  5. elthambees

    Attacked without provocation .....

    Hi All, I'm a type 2 diabetic, the bees are the reason I was diagnosed swirling around my veil .
  6. elthambees

    Waiting for mating.....

    hello J mum I new to this forum , I'm in the same boat my new queens emerging Tuesday next week !!