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  1. Bbrian

    Beginners Question on Frame Content

    Hi, We extracted our first honey this week. The frames are fully capped, but some of the cells (just a few) contain a hard, layered substance, in shades of brown. It is quite hard. Am I right in thinking this is pollen, or is it crystalised OSR? Thanks for any advice. I love this forum, it...
  2. Bbrian

    First Inspection Ever!

    We had our first two nucs delivered on Tuesday, they had been over-wintered and seemed raring to go. Everything seemed very calm and straight-forward with our bee expert there and each of the two hives received 5 frames of busy, active bees; we even managed to see one Queen. I have just...
  3. Bbrian

    New from Twyford

    Hi, Just received our first two nukes from Mark the beekeeper. He was brilliant; generous with his bees, time and knowledge, a fantastic start. We had inherited two Langstroth hives and it is great to see and hear them buzzing with activity again, particularly having spent ages cleaning and...