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  1. therustler


    Did a supposed Demaree. I didn't find the queen. Did the rest. 2 frames of brood in new brood box. 2 supers on top. One super mostly filled. The other super being worked on. Queen exc in between brood box and supers. Just remember I forgot queen exc before I placed mostly full brood on...
  2. therustler

    Virgin Queen decision

    You are not Beekeepers. You are honey producers.
  3. therustler

    Someone put me straight..please?

    most of you are misrepresenting yourselves in this forum. You are Honeyproducers. And not bee keepers as you claim to be.
  4. therustler

    Nuc breeders in Ireland

    I can give you contact details.
  5. therustler


    Hi Guys, Im new to this forum and to bee-keeping, although my father kept bees when i was but a lad i find it to be a great place for hints and tips. I Acquired 2 x 8 frame nuclei last august/September. They were already fed on sugared water when i got them so maybe it was later in the year. I...