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  1. Alphakillpestie


    I think that there was not much forage on this day, this is not as busy as it was when I first turned up at the apiary. This box was put to one side for the girls to clean out before the frames went into the solar extractor
  2. Alphakillpestie

    Xmas is coming

    I`ve just started my sloe gin with sloes from the freezer picked up last year, If I`m not too bladdered I`ll report on the quality when I start it:laughing-smiley-014
  3. Alphakillpestie

    What`s happened now??

    Just need some advice guys, I have a couple of swarms hived in my garden waiting for the move to my out apiary. Left the house this afternoon and found a queen quite alone with no retinue sitting on the step, both swarms are now bringing in pollen readily and I`m loath to disturb them much. I...
  4. Alphakillpestie

    In the dog house

    My good Lady has expressed a desire to join me now I`ve restarted my beekeeping and I`m happy to do so, (those that play together, stay together) I`ve bought her a new beesuit, I liked it but see`s not too keen? God bless them one and all Bunny
  5. Alphakillpestie

    Should I call??

    The bee inspectors, I have recently got back into the saddle after a forced break from beekeeping where I couldn`t look after them properly but now I have been given a couple of colonies one a rescue and one swarm picked up last week. However the rescue hive was one box and I couldn`t part the...