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  1. snelgrove

    Mated Queen Piping

    I removed a queen from a mini nuc, there was eggs, I normally wait until there is sealed brood. However, I needed a mated queen quickly. Whilst in the cage with workers she started piping. My first thought she was still a virgin, but she was laying. Any thoughts?
  2. snelgrove

    Bee careful

    Just a word of advice, hurt my back at the weekend to the point i carnt put my own socks on after lifting heavy supers and brood boxes. Please be careful it's easily done new beekeepers please note.
  3. snelgrove

    Drones Being Expelled.

    Weather been so terrible here for over a week with daytime temps not getting above 9 degrees. Noticed today one colony with and abundanceof drones has drove hundreds out of the hive. Colony is strong brood and a half and two supers. Shocking when it's only June.
  4. snelgrove


    Planted a lot of crocus bulbs a couple of years back at one of my sites. This year they were just about ready to flower but today they have been completely chewed back to ground level. Have read it could be squirrels, There is two large clumps of snowdrops unaffected. Anyone had this problem?
  5. snelgrove

    How do you Overwinter Your Bees

    Just wondering how everyone over winters there bees, open mesh floors, solid floors, coverboard holes open , cover board insulated, inspection tray in or out, mouse guards used or not. Kept bees for thirty years but only used mesh floors last few years, left trays in with mouseguard in...
  6. snelgrove

    Heather honey

    I have a 150 half pound hexagonal jars of pressed heather honey for sale. Please pm or email me for further details. I am in Seaham co durham but could travel and meet half way.
  7. snelgrove

    queen introduction gone mad

    A strange thing happened today when trying to introduce a mated queen I will try and explain the best I can. I have a colony that turned into a drone layer so I killed the drone layer and introduced a mated queen in a cage. this queen was killed, with emergency cells started. therefore I...
  8. snelgrove

    Buying Sugar

    I no its possible to buy sugar at cheap prices at aldi lid ect, however individual 1kg bags are OK if you want a few, I have 30 + colonies so require alot to feed down in autumn. 25kg bags are ideal. where's the best and cheapest place to buy it. Macro is expensive and I ain't a business so...
  9. snelgrove

    Queen still in introduction Cage

    I introduced a queen in a cage plugged with candy to a 5 comb nuc, after about 7 days I inspected and found the queen still in cage and only a slight attempt to eat candy. the queen was very large and bees feeding here through cage. I therefore released her among bees which she appeared...
  10. snelgrove

    Worst Start to a Season I Can Remember ??

    After almost 30 year's of beekeeping I can't really think of a worst spring, a couple of years ago spring was very cold but all became well when everything flowered at once and the bees produced. This year all the spring flowers are out rape, dandelion, trees ect, but no honey flow. I have...
  11. snelgrove

    Artificial swarm does it work

    I have had bees alot of years, artificial swarm is the advice in books for beginners also taught to beginners. Every time I have done this with drawn comb or foundation the bees still build queen cells and swarm. Therefore I don't think it works, for a number of years I have performed...
  12. snelgrove

    Fumidil B

    Having kept bees some 20 years ago and then I had to stop due to work and family commitments I started again about 3 years ago. Fumidil B was a additive to sugar syrup in the autumn in those days, as a prevention of nosema and bees seemed better for it in the spring. Why is it no longer...
  13. snelgrove

    Drones in February

    Went round the bees yesterday noted one or two dead drones on the alignment board of a couple of stocks. Normally I would assume that there would be a problem of Queen less but I think that because I fed well in the autumn they have retained a few drones over the winter.
  14. snelgrove

    Stolen Hives

    Milder day so decided to visit the apiaries, bees flying having a much needed cleansing flight, was feeling quite good about everything. That is until I visited one apiary only to discover that 2 colonies in 14 X 12 national hives stolen. They even took the two hive stands. It's a shame to...