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    Opinion on Plastic Frames & Foundation

    Hi All, I'm toying with the idea of trying out the use of plastic frames & foundation. I've got no experience with these so would really appreciate any comments from members who have, positive or negative. I must admit that I'm rather reluctant to start messing about with these but then to be...
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    2010 Nucs for Sale - Cumbria

    5-Frame nucs on BS or Langstroth frames. BS nucs £120.00 - Langstroth nucs £150.00. Headed by 2009 Carniolan queen on newly drawn 2009 comb.
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    Buckfast Bees

    Hi Everyone, I'm planning a breeding project for next season and am thinking of trying a couple of different strains. Just wanting to ask those with some experience of Buckfast bees what their pros & cons are. Look forward to reading your comments. Cheers :)
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    Wanted: Pure Carniolan & British Black Queens

    Hi Everyone, Would anyone happen to know where I could get any pure Carniolan & British Black queens from. Many thanks :)