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    Fondant Problem

    Thanks all. I think I may have started stirring before the mixture had sufficiently cooled, as I have very good results with this method previously.
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    Fondant Problem

    I have used a recipe for a number of years with success producing a soft white fondant. However, I have just managed to produce a what is a hard powdery material ??? Any thoughts on why this might be ??? I heated the water, sugar mixture to boiling point then increased temp to 238 degrees F for...
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    Wax from lint

    I have been using lint to strain wax. Does anyone know how I know clean the lint up for re-use ?
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    Slug Pellets

    Has anyone heard of bees dying as a result of slug pelletts being placed in flower beds ?? A couple of people have noticed a lot of dead bees in these locations in gardens.
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    Thermostat for heated uncapping tray

    Does anyone know of a simple thermostat that I could easily connect to my heated uncapping tray (it has a kettle style heating element and euro plug) to prevent the honey overheating ? Thanks