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    Deserting bees.

    I would be interested in views - am I right about what has happened, and is there anything now I can do? I have two hives, my neighbour has one. One hive is an AS from this year and has appeared healthy all year, the other hive had a two year old queen and in July was not building up well, they...
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    Queen Rearing Advice

    Is the following plan likely to produce more colonies and leave reasonably large hives for this years crop? Is there anything utterly wrong in the plan? My neighbours hive is artificially swarmed using the snelgrove board method, from this I take sealed QC just before due to hatch and put it in...
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    Swarming instinct, queen substance etc

    In a previous post I described my poor AS skills (located the queen, she managed to get into the new hive with nuring bees) and an esteemed member of the forum suggested I would in the future suffer "hypothetical swarming nuc". Just goes to show how clever you all are... The cock up AS weeks...
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    Hypothetical Academic Question

    The scenario. Beekeeper performs an AS, placing nurse bees and queen cell and BIAS with some foragers in a new hive (6 frames in all), which he places in another garden less than 3 miles away, but with grass, sticks etc to block entrance in the (improbable?!) hope that any foragers re-orientate...
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    Made brood frames with super top bars

    Made a lot of them too. Please tell me that it won't make any difference to the brood, I can see that the super frames I made with the brood top bars will be more difficult to decap.
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    Bailey Comb Change, what to do with stores.

    I have just removed the bottom brood box with old frames following a Bailey Combe Change (carried out to get fresh brood frames as nuc frames I bought last year of indeterminate age, just trying to be hygienic). The top brood box had drawn out 7 frames which were laid up apart from 1 frame of...
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    Late harvest post apiguard treatment.

    I have a WBC with 9 frames of bees on 6 frames of brood (there is only a frame of eggs roughly at the mo, if that). I put a super on last week (there is local heather and plenty of ivy to come) and they drew all the comb and have almost filled with honey in a week. I have placed the super under...
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    Building a colony from 5 frame nuc in July - checking my approach

    Hi, My first post and hive, so all advice gratefully received and what a helpful site in general. Does the following sound like I'm doing OK. The local beekeepers don't meet for three weeks? Two weeks ago I picked up a five frame nuc, my aim being to build a colony big enough to winter and...