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    Time to feed syrup?

    This is my first time with bees in the Spring. I opened my bees for the first time this year today - it's a lovely day here. They are bringing in lots of pollen. I saw the Queen, eggs and larva in all stages. The Queen has lots of room to lay but they only have four frames of stores. I'm so...
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    National Nuc Plans

    Hello, can anyone point me in the right direction for plans for a national nuc? I have searched on here but I can't be looking in the right place. Thanks Diane
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    Checking hive in August

    Hello, I assume it's ok to miss a week's inspection now we're into the middle of August - it's far too windy here today to open, is that ok? Thanks Diane
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    Selling Honey

    Hi, I'd be interested to hear how honey is sold - to shops, or to individuals etc, and for how much. Kind regards Diane
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    Catching bees for testing

    Hi, I'm going over the questions for my assessment, and one of the items is collecting bees for testing. I've read about doing this - I know that it's the older foraging bees that should be collected and that they can be collected in a match box, bit it's never as easy as it sounds when you've...
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    Beekeeping Assessment

    Hi, is anyone else doing their basic beekeeping assessment this season or has anyone who has done it got any advice to pass on Thanks Diane
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    First Super

    I'm putting my first super on today - very excited!
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    Bees too hot?

    Hello, can bees get too hot? My hive is in direct sunlight, I have a reduced entrance (they're a small colony building up nicely), and the varroa floor is on as I am doing a varroa count this week. Would it be best to open the entrance up and remove the varroa floor to give them some 'air'...
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    Hive Stand and Ants

    Hi, My hive is on blocks at the moment and I'm being overrun with ants. I want to move onto a hive stand so that I can grease the legs - I've heard this works. If the entrance becomes lower or higher due to the height of the stand will this bother the bees? Can anyone tell me if the ants hurt...
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    Drawn comb

    Is it possible to buy drawn foundation/comb? Diane
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    Spray Liaison Officer in Surrey

    Hello, I've just read a thread about poisoned bees and how one should register with the Spray Liaison Officer. I've looked on the BBKA website for the Spray Liaison Officer for my area but there is no one listed for Surrey. I am a new bee and have one colony in Epsom. Thanks Diane
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    Taranov board and swarm control

    Hello, does anyone use a Taranov board for swarm control?
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    Bees hanging under hive - suggestions?

    Hello, I've just rehived my new bees from a nuc. All the flying bees have now left the nuc and entered the hive - but some (about two handfulls) are hell bent on handing under the open mesh floor. They are being feed through the floor by workers. I'm worried that if I leave them over night...