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    Swarm in shallow brood box

    Many thanks for your help, everyone. I'm more drawn towards the Bailey method, as it seems like it will be cleaner and less stressful for the bees. Now I need to remember how to make dummy frames (I've forgotten how to keep bees over the winter!) I have treated for Varroa with oxalic acid...
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    Swarm in shallow brood box

    At one place of work, my boss has colonies living in his roof and last year a swarm made home in an abandoned hive, however it is a shallow super that they have made their own. I would like to move them to a full brood box, preferably with fresh frames and foundation as the comb in the super is...
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    How to combine a nuc to a hive ?

    hiya, I know this may sound daft but with the newspaper, do you use the whole thing? or just a few sheets? broadsheets or tabloid? weekend pullout?
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    homemade National type hive extra frames

    Hi folks! As a newbie I'm looking for advice on a hive I got built as a joint project with a school. They made a national hive from scratch and in the Brood box I can fit 12 frames, so I have built a dummy frame there, but in the super it seems I can fit 15 frames (SN2 with no spacers). Should I...
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    Quick question about paint

    cheers itma, I'm new here. We'll say no more about it :)
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    Quick question about paint

    I intend to paint an old hive today, (after sterilising it, of course) I have different types of paint at my disposal, so are there any types that I should avoid or are there any paints that are particularly good/bee friendly thanks
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    New Beekeeping Group

    Hi there, My name is Callum and I run a beekeeping group for people of all ages and abilities/experience at a city farm in Edinburgh. The group consists of beginners at the moment but we would absolutely welcome people with experience of apiculture, and we can all learn off each other. We do not...