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    Survival rate for winter 2013

    plenty about now Hi, Christmas Rose,bit late but doing fine,grey/white pollen snowdrops spring is around the corner. Ted
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    New To Forum

    Dear Rusty, Rose Hives are a modified version of a National but 11/4 inches shorter, all boxes/frames are interchangable,i dont use a Queen excluder,only when i shook swarm,you get very big hives & very little swarming,no swarms last year and a very good honey year,honey boxes are...
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    Supply of Fondant Countrywide

    Hi, Many thanks,iv just finished last years to,im going to try 1Kg to 1pint as spring feed. Ted
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    14 X 12 is it becoming more popular ?

    Hi All, Iv read your comments regarding 14X12, brood and a half, double brood,and many of you it seems are reluctant to go for it?While winter is still with us get yourselfs a book called The Rose Hive Method .I changed 3year ago and havent looked back,all of the boxes/frames are the...
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    Supply of Fondant Countrywide

    Hi, You can open an account with Baco for a fee of £5.00, there current price for 12.50Kg box is £12.00 but you must have an order over £100.00 for free delivery.Get your local club to open an account?. My problem is i orderd to much. how do you go about turning it into spring feed? anyone...
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    New To Forum

    Hi, NO NOT THE ? Ted
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    New To Forum

    Hi Dusty, It is the most natural way for bees to be kept,by allowing the Queen use the whole hive,no queen excluder,you get a bigger return of honey,and it cuts out most of winter feeding. Also all boxes are the same size,used as Brood & Supers,& a more interesting way to keep...
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    New To Forum

    :hairpull::sunning::sunning:Hi All. Joined to-day,found the Forum by accident,looks good ,keeping 10 Rose Hives in Brecon S Wales,Anyone else keeping Rose Hives in wales?. Ted