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    Bees in sawdust

    Had about 20 bees foraging about on the surface of a small pile of wet sawdust outside my workshop the other day, following a rainstorm previous day. They kept coming and going all morning. Plenty of water about - water butts and a beck in the garden so probably not after water. Not my bees as...
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    National or Rose

    Lucky lad Kingscavenger if you can make all types of hive. I have Langstroth and National but am going to try out those Rose hives - those and the Rose system's got to have something going for it if you are hoping to upscale beyond Norm's three hives. Lots of adverse about the Rose system by...
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    Beekeeping supplies online

    David Cramp's book contains info on beekeeping in Spain. Re temperatures I know a beekeeper in Bimshire (28deg) who uses Nationals. Easipet do flat-pack cedar Nationals wit 2 supers for a ton plus delivery and cover Spain. If you have a table saw with fence you can make Langstroths from...
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    Hello all- newbie here. Have a few hives of different types up in Norfolk. Done quite a bit of research and putting some of it into practice.