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    where to keep bees in manchester

    hi stockport beekeepers are going to be my nxt visit soon as i get a chance. Although top of the cathedral does sound a great location !
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    All the Gear No Idea - A Beginners Journey

    hi from manc also hi as a wannabe bee keeper i would love the chance to come and see your set up, where abouts are you. at the moment i am looking for a place to keep a hive myself as my garden isnt suitable, then once i have found that i will be in the same confusing place that you were with...
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    Daftest question ever?!

    im in the same boat i am in a similar position so it didnt seem a daft question. im at the moment looking for someone with spare land that would be able to take a hive. seems the best way for both me , my neighbours and the bees.
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    where to keep bees in manchester

    hi all as a wannabe bee keeper, i would love any advice or contacts of where i could find some land suitable for a hive ideally in the south mancs area. many thanks adam