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  1. weebee


    Could be Formicophilia!
  2. weebee

    Space between frames

    To check the spacing the frame centers should be 35mm apart.
  3. weebee

    guard bees and screening

    And google groans as dullards like me rush of to searches for the definition of perturbation. :blush5:
  4. weebee

    Sugar questions

    I'm no doctor so please get this checked out by someone that is suitably qualified. Ambrosia or similar have not been mentioned in detail in the thread thus far so I add it for completeness. It differs from sugar and fondant as it consists of inverted sugars (water, glucose, fructose and...
  5. weebee

    Advanced Swarm Control

    What about the Drifters, 'cause I would give sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey.....
  6. weebee

    Module 5

    :blush5: On second thoughts, I think I will put Salivary Canal as well. 2 more points! What a great thread.
  7. weebee

    Module 5

    Completed Diagram For those that want it here is my completed diagram.
  8. weebee

    Module 5

    I believe it to be the Glossa. I think the examiner was trying to prevent confusion by making sure there was a distinct difference in the points arrows B and L terminated.
  9. weebee

    Sad end to a bumble?

    The Hive Barbers I love the idea of the Honeybee barbers.
  10. weebee

    Module 5

    Thanks Snoop. I can revise without that distraction now and maybe get another point tomorrow! They all count.
  11. weebee

    Module 5

    Been hitting the books in readiness for tomorrows exam but am stuck on what F is in the diagram below. This comes from the 2011 paper. Been through all of my books and had a search in the interthingy but to no avail. I don't want to spend the rest of my revision time trying to find what could be...
  12. weebee

    good and bad new modern hive designs

    If I built a National using the same construction method on the end walls i.e. one piece of wood and just used a router to make the required lug space and bottom bee space would you call it a Rose Hive?
  13. weebee

    good and bad new modern hive designs

    Granted the sizes are different to meet the particular needs of the method, hence the name Rose hive but the end walls I would call a different method of construction that meet the same design requirements of the other hives mentioned. This method of construction is and can be applied to other...
  14. weebee

    good and bad new modern hive designs

    I’m not sure if I would consider the Rose hive a design (Sorry!). I would call it a method that allows the beek to make the nuc and super the same size. The method can still be implemented with the kit most of us have, be it national, langstroth, smiths, commercial etc.
  15. weebee


    The hens have been sitting at the front of the hives picking bees off as they emerge this year. Placed wire frames in front of the landing boards to stop them. It seems to have done the trick.
  16. weebee

    An odd request

    Although I have a few years behind me my sons did dabble with D&D for a while. From memory I believe D&D has feeding cycles that tap into health. The fact that a Honeybee has the ability to hold food in a second stomach could provide relief in this area.
  17. weebee

    Rapid Feeder Wanted

    If you want to make a rapid feeder yourself I found a single drawer from an old set of pine drawers was a good starting point.
  18. weebee

    What on earth

    Or paint the brick that goes on top. :scotland-flag:
  19. weebee

    nucs wanted n.e. Scotland

    I would recommend joining the Moray Beekeeping Association. You will get advice and help on all matters beekeeping, including access to local bees. Speak to the Secretary, Yvonne Stuart. Contact details are on the SBA website.
  20. weebee

    An odd request