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    Mated queen wanted urgently

    Hi I have a small colony that is very small, yet still surviving. I need to replace the queen as she is not laying. Does anyone have a spare queen. If in the south of England, I can collect. Many thanks Nigel
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    Dead Hive

    I have keeping an eye on my two hives overs the winter. A few weeks ago when the weather was warm I opened them up to put ambrosia feed onto them. Both were active. Over the last couple of weeks one of the hives has declined in numbers. Today I removed the roof and crownboard, not many bees...
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    Wild colonies into hives

    An old farmer is looking for some help in rehousing the remains of a large apiary. Some 40 years ago there were 8 hives, now there are just a couple of totally derelict hives each crammed full of bees and honey. There are no frames left internally the bees are just hanging from the roof with...
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    Bee Nucleus in Hampshire

    Hi Im new to beekeeping, and need a nucleus. I have 2 new National hives, and want to obtain 1 nucleus and wait for a swarm for the other. Any advice welcomed