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  1. corhob

    Dog found swarm

    Walking the dogs this morning across the fields in the rain . one of the dogs found a swarm in a patch of nettles they must have been there all night the bees where on the floor so i went back home , made a Nuc box and went back for the bees . Just been back over this afternoon and all...
  2. corhob

    My first ever swarm

    I was at work today when my wife phone me and said that one of her friends had a swarm in there paddock at the back of there house so left work ( I work for myself ) got home got all the stuff and got my first ever swarm, took it back to my place. it was nearly dinner time so had my dinner...
  3. corhob

    Honey bees in a tree

    Hi I have just seen honey bees nest in a oak tree down the lane by my house it is not a swarm its a nest I have been up and had a look in they are a very dark bee and there is comb, should I leave them alone or should I try to get them if so how Thanks Andy