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  1. J

    Paint sprayer

    I bought this recently for a quick paint job...
  2. J

    Petition parliament ban on honey bee imports

    70.000!... is this acceptable? So, I can only imagine that this is the usual number of colony losses, why would brexit increase the losses? Beekeeper would have become less competent without the EU (or the bees died of sadness?) Perhaps it’s therefor time to: 1- look after the colonies better so...
  3. J

    Unsafe Honey

    There is perhaps the case of honeycombs taken from a wild colony under an insulated roof or in a wall. I would be concerned about the rock wool/fibreglass dust created while accessing the combs.
  4. J

    One handed queen catcher

    Hi there, I was reading your post but couldn’t find/see the link for the pen. Please repost. Many thanks
  5. J

    Pineboard/lamwood hives

    Yes only the hives. Walls are 26mm thick. Nucs are simple 12mm (more intended for swarm catching, or split, or queen rearing, or brood boosters).
  6. J

    Pineboard/lamwood hives

    I made my hives and frames with Pine. I have a joinery workshop so it makes thing easy. I followed the standard BS size because I didn’t want to “have” to do it again in the futur. It worked fine (3 seasons so far). I made thicker box sides (11frames) so the insulation is better and protected...
  7. J

    Buoyant roadside honey sales since lockdown

    I am sorry to say that sticking a label on a jar doesn’t improve the reliability regarding the origin of the honey but to provide the identification of the seller (ie his address or a way to find him). The honey can still come from “the back of transit from east Europe” you wouldn’t know about it.
  8. J

    Buoyant roadside honey sales since lockdown

    I believe, one point of the label is to trace the seller. If you by directly from his home, there is no secret of where the honey comes from... also it means buyers are locals.
  9. J

    Nectar coming in

    I fitted single and double supers on my colonies as the temperatures are going up tomorrow and get to 20c full sun from Sunday and most of next week. Double super for one colony which is on double brood box and 8 frames already fully capped!!! Other ones could have waited a bit but the...