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  1. jonotaylor

    Queen performance expectations

    Thanks Anduril, I'll contact them. I'll also try and take a few photos tomorrow if the weather is acceptable again.
  2. jonotaylor

    Queen performance expectations

    Thanks all. I'm in South Cheshire (CW3 postcode). I only have one colony, I joined the forum long before taking the plunge and getting bees. I'll see about the local BKA - I hadn't joined because they are about 40 mins away, so it's highly unlikely I'd be able to attend the meetings, so was...
  3. jonotaylor

    Queen performance expectations

    Hi there, I'm pretty new to this so please bear with me. My queen is coming into her third year - in her first year with a new nuc, she did well, and there was even a surplus super to get honey from last. Last year I had a bit of a disaster and the poly lid blew off my hive and water got in...
  4. jonotaylor

    WANTED: childs beekeeping suit

    Looking for a good quality branded childs beekeeping suit, to suit a 10 year old, if anyone has one that their kids have grown out of.