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  1. blueboy

    Efb in area

    Have just been inspected by local bee inspector... Somebody very close to my hives (1mile radius) had brought a nuc from a uk supplier and it had died during the winter. The supplier had imported the bees and sold them with a clean bill of health forgetting to mention that other nucs had been...
  2. blueboy

    Swarm Times?

    Collected a large swarm last week (01/10). A family had returned from a weeks holiday to find the swarm in a tree by the entrance to the house. Bees flying everywhere so please could I move them at once!!! They are now housed in a nuc box and feeding rapidly but their fate will depend on how...
  3. blueboy

    back to school

    Well worth watching. Its for finding articles like this that I use this forum not to discuss whether we call bees girls, gals or whatever.
  4. blueboy

    Are your bee's still flying ?

    Bees Still flying - straight at me! Hefted hive but lowered it a bit too quickly. Out they came looking for the intruder in a very aggressive manner and found a very careless bee keeper with no veil on...... Now I know I should have been more careful but can somebody explain why normally quiet...
  5. blueboy

    cleaning gloves

    Sting resistant or string resistant
  6. blueboy

    cleaning gloves

    I have viewed the fleabay website for this item. They may not be as sting resistant as you think. Check the wording!!