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    Aggressive Bees 16 stings in one EAR

    I have one colony that was a super swarm in May that has always been aggressive, but now are just downright nasty. Only issue is they fly whatever the weather, so are producing honey. I would change to queen, but want to let them finish this seasons production. I going to buy fabi spray
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    Mated queen wanted urgently

    Queen wanted urgently Thanks for all of the messages I have received. I got a queen from a beekeeper who had a spare, it was great to use her rather than let her die. Fingers crossed it will sort the hive out.
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    Mated queen wanted urgently

    Hi I have a small colony that is very small, yet still surviving. I need to replace the queen as she is not laying. Does anyone have a spare queen. If in the south of England, I can collect. Many thanks Nigel
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    Hives Stolen in Purbrook, Hampshire

    I agree, but you can check easily if you see equipment for sale. Its a deterrent
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    Under Lock and Key
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    Under Lock and Key

    Security of beehives Im going to mark mine with Smartwater, its got a unique DNA profile registered to you. Available through the Police Neighbourhood watch sceme. Once its on your hands its doesn't come off. No problem if your wearing gloves.
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    Hives Stolen in Purbrook, Hampshire

    Im really sorry to hear, read the other thread also. When I put my hives out in a non secure location, im going to mark them with Smartwater. Its available through Neighbourhood watch. Once its on your hands and clothing it doesnt come off. Its unique, used by the Police to catch criminals also
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    Nucs for sale in Lincolnshire

    John I have sourced another nuc locally. Thanks Nigel
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    Nucs for sale in Lincolnshire

    Nuc John I would like one please on National of possible Thanks Nigel
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    Dead Hive

    I treated them late on in the year, they did not take it all. I bought this colony in August from a Ukrainien guy who didn't beleive in chemical treatments. The were really strong, even brought in a super of ivy honey late on. They were quick to fly when the weather warmed up in February...
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    Dead Hive

    Hi Thanks for your reply. They were really strong last year with a new queen. I never opened them up over the winter, just a walk around the area until a warm days a few weeks ago, again only lifted the lid and placed ambrosia over central hole in crown board. Again lots of activity below...
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    Dead Hive

    I have keeping an eye on my two hives overs the winter. A few weeks ago when the weather was warm I opened them up to put ambrosia feed onto them. Both were active. Over the last couple of weeks one of the hives has declined in numbers. Today I removed the roof and crownboard, not many bees...
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    Wild colonies into hives

    An old farmer is looking for some help in rehousing the remains of a large apiary. Some 40 years ago there were 8 hives, now there are just a couple of totally derelict hives each crammed full of bees and honey. There are no frames left internally the bees are just hanging from the roof with...
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    Bee Nucleus in Hampshire

    Hi Im new to beekeeping, and need a nucleus. I have 2 new National hives, and want to obtain 1 nucleus and wait for a swarm for the other. Any advice welcomed