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    Is there still a shortage of bees this year?

    The shortage and trouble with the past year will carry over to next year. There is also a shortage of quality Queens I suspect the quality of imported queens will dip also. Demand far out strips supply this year for UK Queens.
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    Poor quality nuc from supplier with queen cells

    At the end of the day no one should buy a nuc without a full inspection. or if inspection is not possible buyer beware a good supplier would swop the nuc if there was a problem with an un inspected but saying that a good supplier would not get in to that position to start with. A lot can happen...
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    Dead bees/larvae outside new hive

    It unlikly to be CBPV from what has been said. But with lava being thrown out of the hivem it could be lack of stores
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    Wax boards not being used

    If it smells funny it may be the cheap chinese wax with only 50% bees wax or less and the bees will huddle in a corner or above the frames and build there own comb
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    best mating box?

    The Bibo box frames seem a good idea but remember when the covered in bees and your looking for the queen you have to open them up crushing bees in the hinges and when your finished you have to fold them back up when your finished. and have the problem of crushing bees. PS The Hivemaker mating...
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    New Smoker Concept

    I take a guess the smoker fuel is a PG VG mix to produce cool smoke? You could reduce the price by selling the unit without a battery or built in charger and the buyer could source there own 18650 batteries and charger as there can be bought on ebay the atomiser is that replacable? or can it be...
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    Has the bubble burst?

    My View is from the outside. I get invited to many LBAKs to give talks. I do not go to see if i want to become a member or mock as you put it! Just go and give my time free of charge and these are the things i observe. In many places it seem if you face does not fit your not made welcome. Many...
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    Has the bubble burst?

    I have visited a lot of local BKAs this winter and i have to agree out of 12 local BKAs if i was a member i would not go back except to one! They are on the whole very boring stuck in the 1930s and run like the old working mens clubs of the 70s They should be fun to attend but there not new...
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    Buyer beware

    If they were alive and well when you got them and left and then they died YOU KILLED THEM not a problem with the supplier YOUR THE KILLER OF QUEENS
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    uk beebreeders group in ashleworth Gloucester

    If yu do the maths for a queen imported most likly the cost of frames and wax a cheap card box feeding a nuc to build it up. I would not risk giving a deposit with a non traceable blank PO
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    The Weather

    Snow here today wont be checking the bees further up in the hills for a couple of days
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    Oxalic trickling losses after treatments

    OA treatment kills around 20% of the bees and if you slice a dead bee in half a few weeks after tratment they look like they have been pickeled in brown vinagar. I have treated with OA on only two occations and both times i have seen a reduction in the size of the cluster follow soon after. If...
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    Pynes poly NUC

    never bothered painting any of mine they will last for years painted or not
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    Cover sheet on P****s Nationals

    I never use the perspex crown boards to stop the roof getting stuck down just rub a little vasiline round the edge a tiny bit will last ages. as the poly hives they do not need any extra insulation. ( If there ****** poly hives)
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    Two Queen Hive

    Multi queens in a single hive is what is known as perfect supercedure the hive keep the original queen until there happy with the new queen the most queens i have found in one hive at the same time was 9 a week later there was only one. If the new queen is unmated or there not happy with her...
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    Queen longevity

    Read the research papers there on the web if you search for them This is starting to feel a lot like talking to the Flat Earth Society Just because you don't believe or understand doesn't make it untrue. ....The End....
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    Queen longevity

    Have a go at reading the full papers if you have a spare few weeks and a Biological scientist to help you with the big words as I pointed out it is the break in the feeding cycle in the first few weeks of life that can affect the life span of a Queen bee and by removing the queen from the...
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    Queen longevity

    As i said a snipit but far from the full papers of the three study groups but you need to be on a Phd level to even start understanding them so im not even going to attempt them
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    Queen longevity

    the above is a snipit of a long long paper not only from one group of entomologist research in to life span of bees and others and boils down to the first weeks of life of Queens & workers as for Queens not only is it important that the queens establish laying but also the way they are fed In...
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    Queen longevity

    In the honey bee (Apis mellifera), depending on what they are fed, female eggs become either workers or queens. Although queens and workers share a common genome, the maximum lifespan of queens is an order-of-magnitude longer than workers. The mechanistic basis of this longevity difference is...