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    swarm 5 days after new queen introduction

    Advice please :bigear: I introduced a new mated queen (clipped and marked) in a cage to what I thought was a queenless national hive. I released the queen yesterday with the bees seeming to me (newbee) calm around her introduction age. Today I witnessed a swarm depart, gather 20m away and...
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    castellated frame spacers for sn1

    Optimistic question considering the weather but: I need some spacers for supers, I have sn1 frames. I see that you can get 9,10 and 11 slot castellated spacers. Am I correct in thinking I only need 1 bee space between frames therefor to maximise potential honey crop i could use the 11 slot...
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    Type of insulation

    Due to size of colony and temp etc I have packed out a hive with what I can only describe as 2 plastic sheets sandwiching a dense foam. this was from an off cut of building materials that I found. my question is will I encounter any problems using this product? i now have the colony on 5 frames...