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    Drone laying queen and queen cells

    I am sure I am right in thinking but bees would not cap a drone in a queen cell. I have a drone layer and there is plenty of capped drone cells there is however 2 or 3 clear elongated queen cells which are capped. I was going to throw them out as I thought they would be to old to save after the...
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    Overwintered Nucs on 14 x 12 frames

    I am near Epping Forest in IG10 I have 5 Nucs on 14 x 12 frames that are all headed by 2018 Queens which were bred from my Carnica queens. I did a full inspection on all of them today and they are all on 3-4 combs of BIAS and 2-3 stores and pollen. Boxes are full of bees and they were all calm...
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    Superseding new queen bee

    Quick question which I am sure I know the answer to. I had a hive swarm and the new queen took over 4 weeks to start laying from when she hatched, I was on the verge of doing the hive tool test to replace her with a spare laying queen I have. I inspected Friday the 15th June and she had her...
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    Queen introduction

    I have read that it is easier to introduce bought mated queens later in the season, what is later in the season is that now July or is August better? Thanks Wayne Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Any idea on what pollen this?

    Bees are bringing in loads of the stuff and going like the clappers Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Replacing wet supers after extraction

    Morning I am in my second year and have two hives one of which is filling supers at a good rate. I have extracted one super this week and will be giving it back to the hive to clean up and repair, I also have all the capping's which I have seen people in our association put in a feeder that...